This Very Popular Summer Food Leads To Cancer But Everyone Is Eating It! So Stop It Right Now!

We have written about the dangers of numerous foods before, but not as often as about this food – a food which is as American as can be. But this doesn’t make it less dangerous…
Which food? The popular hot dogs.

According to the new studies, children who eat over 12 hot dogs monthly have 9 times greater likelihood to suffer from leukemia. Well, 12 hot dogs doesn’t sound like a lot – a number most children will have 2-3 at once if they have the chance, and that is suddenly more than once a week.
Additionally, fathers who often consumed hot dogs before conception have a greater likelihood to pass cancer to the children and the pregnant women who consumed hot dogs have greater likelihood to have kids who’ll develop brain tumor.

Particularly, hot dogs contain significantly high levels of nitrate. As you probably know, nitrates are really nasty, well-known carcinogens, and they are what makes the hot dogs like meat.
And unlike food that naturally contains nitrates, the hot dogs do not contain the natural antibodies of that nitrates.
Check out the video below for more information.


I Stopped Having Sex for a Year and Here's What I Learned

"I had to fight overwhelming sexual urges just to prove a point to myself."

I haven't had sex in over a year, and the trek through my personal Mojave Desert has been both enlightening and frustrating (for obvious reasons).
Why the self-induced dry spell? It all started in late 2015, when a hot guy in one of my friend's Instagrams made me stop mid-scroll. After some double taps on his page, he let me know the interest was mutual by sliding into my DMs. And much to my simultaneous delight and surprise, there was actual substance in our conversations. It didn't take long before the DMs turned to texts and the texts turned to phone calls every single day. I had a serious case of OMG-am-I-about-to-be-in-a-relationship giddiness. But that didn't last long. Amid entering we-are-but-we-aren't territory, I learned that he had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and wasn't looking for anything serious. Instead of making peace with that and letting it go, I acted like I was fine with his disclaimer because the chemistry between us was too strong to ignore (and, let's be real, I was in denial).

Clearly, things were a pretty healthy start.
I kept trying to tell myself that I was cool with having sex with a guy who didn't want to be my boyfriend. I was cool with knowing that he was talking to other girls. I was cool with the fact that it was just sex and nothing else, because as R. Kelly said, there's nothing wrong with a little bump and grind. Except none of that was true and R. Kelly should never be someone you turn to for advice on anything, ever.

Our generation tends to look at sex as a means-to-an-end instead of a privilege.

I couldn't hold up the façade with our situation for long, though, and my DM Casanova became the catalyst for making a much deeper lifestyle change. I was tired of playing out the same scenario with different guys, so after coming to terms with the fact that I wanted something he wasn't willing to give me, we turned our situationship into a platonic friendship, and I started doing some inward digging to figure out why I was always engaging in behavior that never aligned with what I wanted.
Whether it was my first boyfriend cheating on me because I was scared to ditch my V-card or the mere fact that our generation tends to look at sex as a means-to-an-end instead of a privilege, I was somehow made to believe that having sex was necessary to make a guy like me — and if I didn't do it, then poof, he was going to disappear and it'd be my fault. Sad!
So, in an effort to alter that mindset, I decided I was going to abstain from casual sex. I told myself I wouldn't give it up until the guy I was talking to made me feel like the goddess I am. No more worrying about other women, because the right guy will make it clear that I'm all he sees. Boom. The trouble is: finding that guy and ending my dry spell might take longer than I thought.
I was so hyped those first few months, because I felt like I was finally reclaiming my power and no one could tear me down. But when I surpassed the six-month mark, the initial surge of self-empowerment began to fade, and I found myself doubting the whole experiment and wanting to throw in the towel. The little horny devil on my shoulder would say things like, "Does this really matter? Get some, girl!" And in all honesty, I was starting to get pissed, because all I kept coming across were what I like to call "sometimey" guys — the I'm-only-in-it-when-I-want-to-be-in-it guys. That's frustrating enough on its own, without adding the fact that I had to fight overwhelming sexual urges just to prove a point to myself.

I had to fight overwhelming sexual urges just to prove a point to myself.

Meanwhile, some of my friends made the idea of quitting this journey that much harder to ignore. Because I'm the token single friend, some of my girlfriends loved living vicariously through me, so my decision to willingly give up "wild sex with strangers" was almost like putting them on lockdown, too. "Ugh, Bruna, it's just sex, stop thinking so much!" they'd tell me. I wondered if they were right.
Then I'd have the maybe-joking-but-probably-serious sexual invitations from some of my oh-so-generous guy friends and former flings to put me out of my self-induced misery with a casual hook up. Temptation was at an all-time high, to say the least. But ultimately, I never gave in. I was going to power through, because I owed it to myself, and it didn't matter if anyone understood why I was doing this or not.
After that hump (pun intended), the hormones settled down a bit (or they just gave up). My urges came to a simmer, and I found myself approaching the one-year mark — and I'm still going. I know that going a week without getting laid may seem like cruel and unusual punishment for some, and although a year of no sexual intimacy whatsoever has been tough, it's not that difficult for me. My sex life wasn't off-the-charts to begin with, so it wasn't like I was dodging D everywhere I turned. I went on dates as usual, but nothing really panned out.
Still, I find myself having mixed feelings about the entire experience. There was a hint of sadness at the realization that I've gone a year without coming across a man I liked who was also willing to invest in me. Why was that? Was it the men I was choosing or was it a consequence of having an old-school approach in a time where people don't value basic dating principles anymore? I can't say. All I know is keeping the proverbial chastity belt on lockdown didn't become the secret trick to get a guy to drop his roster and make me his MVP. But I'm OK with that, because that was never the motive to begin with.

This experience was like giving myself some tough love. And as frustrating (sexually and otherwise) as that lesson was, it was necessary. I did this experiment to help trash the mentality of having to throw sex at a man to keep his interest, and to remind myself that I am worth loving without having to spread my legs first. I stuck to my guns, and for that reason alone, the disappointment was overshadowed with immense pride. I wanted to stop putting myself in scenarios that made me feel disposable, and I did. I wanted to wait for the man who would bet on me, and I still am, because I know what I bring to the table.
From: Cosmopolitan

The Audi E-Tron Sportback Is the Electric Car We’ve Always Wanted

Watch out Tesla, the road leading to an all-electric vehicle future is about to get a little more crowded. The Audi E-Tron Sportback concept rolled out as the belle of the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show ball, a near-realized concept vehicle designed to represent the German automaker’s EV plans for 2018 and beyond.

The electric fastback arrives with an aggressive posture sitting upon massive 23-inch alloys wheels, with specs to match: 496bhp and 590lb ft of torque, good for 0-60mph in 4.5 seconds performance, a very respectable range of 311 miles between charges, and a future forward “Virtual Cockpit” that replaces a traditional console design with tastefully executed touchscreen surfaces and haptic feedback throughout.

The E-Tron Sportback’s three electric motors are powered by a liquid cooled 95-kWh lithium-ion battery, good for 429 horsepower and a 311 mile range.

Our Audi E-Tron will be starting out in 2018 – the first electric car in its competitive field that is fit for everyday use. Following close on its heels, in 2019, comes the production version of the Audi e-tron Sportback – an emotional coupé version that is thrillingly identifiable as an electric car at the very first glance. – Rupert Stadler, Audi Chairman.

The E-Tron Sportback’s future-forward intents are further exemplified by the car’s mirrors-less profile (replaced with digital cameras in concept, but likely to return in some form), the aforementioned Virtual Cockpit that even stretches to offer the passenger seat their own screen, and a projection system built into the E-Tron Sportback’s front fascia, engineered to project animations onto the road for both driver and pedestrian notifications.

“Narrow light strips on both sides below the front lid – the daytime running lights – become the eyes on the face of the study. Thanks to a combination of LEDs and a micromirror-studded surface plus complex control technology, a large number of animated movements and signatures are possible. When the e-tron Sportback starts and also when the doors are opened, the system uses switchable segments to generate dynamic visual welcome signals.”

We suspect the E-Tron Sportback will become a serious consideration amongst those considering switching over from gas to an EV models like the Tesla Model X as their next ride. But don’t fall in love too quickly with the Audi E-Tron Sportback quite yet. Although Audi plans to officially launch their E-Tron line sometime next year, the Sportback iteration won’t be officially out any sooner than 2019…perhaps enough time for more charging stations to be built to support the visions of an electric avenue infrastructure.


Decongest Your Lungs And Airways With This Homemade Alternative

Oxygen is extremely important to live, because thanks to this trees, animals and humans inhabit this land, without a doubt, there is nothing better than knowing that you breathe properly, as this helps you everything you The immune system is in perfect condition, experts say that good breathing helps concentration, because this process oxygenates the brain properly.

Unfortunately there are many people who do not appreciate this type of element, you have to realize that the air we breathe because of the many changes in society is not very clean that we say, because the pollution has made theirs in this and is by Which specialists recommend from time to time move away from the city and go places where you can breathe fresh air.

According to the above, what happens in the body when breathing clean air, the answer is simple, the lungs and airways are purified and this allows the whole body to feel compliant and healthy, in the long run this helps To avoid common diseases that can seriously damage the lungs and respiratory tract, such as colds, asthma or bronchitis.
Breathing better has been said
We know that our body has a special design which helps you effectively fight bacteria and viruses that want to enter the body with the intention of doing harm, obviously some care as: adequate food and constant exercise help keep the body strong and active .

One of the things that turns out to be quite uncomfortable and unpleasant is when a person has flu sickness because he feels that he can not breathe and after that cure is done, the feeling does not go away right away.
That is why this publication will tell you how to prepare a natural recipe that will help you to clear the airways and lungs, so without further ado the following indications:
  • 1/4 cup of honey
  • 1 glass of water
  • Avena (A little)

Preparation and use:
  • Mix all the ingredients and put this mixture to boil for several minutes, let it sit all night.
  • The next morning store it in a glass bottle and store it in the refrigerator, it can last all week.
  • It takes 30ml or more to the person’s consideration, this you must do in the mornings when you are fasting.
  • Do this for 30 days, rest for 15 days and then repeat for 40 days.
  • The results will begin to feel from the first 72 hours of the shot.
Now that you know this wonderful homemade recipe to decongest the airways and lungs, do it for your personal benefit, remember that if you have any doubts you can consult a specialist, taking care of your health is your responsibility, never forget it.

This Recipe Left All Doctors In The World Stunned! Heal Your Knees, Rebuild Bones And Joints Immediately

The joints are a very delicate area of our body, since they are constantly exerting friction with each other, which causes a wear, which if not prevented can be aggravated to the point where it causes a pain that can be very annoying.
One of the joints that is most affected are undoubtedly the ones that are located in the knees, since they have to support most of the weight of our body daily, which is enough if we take into account that it causes progressive damage.

If we do not maintain our reinforced joints the damage that can be caused in them can become very serious, and the pain could be irreparable, so it is best to prevent and start a treatment that relieves, reinforces and avoids future articulation problems.

This natural treatment will help to heal your joints

There are medicines and special methods to care for the joints, but these can be counterproductive and cause side effects in the body, which is why it is best to resort to the natural.
Natural treatments besides relieving pain, can also nourish and strengthen us so that we do not have to suffer from a problem again in the same area. So well, without further ado, here we will leave a recipe for you to prepare your own natural remedy and take care of your joints, the recipe is as follows:

  • 250 milliliters ofwater
  • A cup of instantoatmeal.
  • 40 grams of honey.
  • Two cups of pineapple sliced into pieces.
  • A cup of fresh squeezed orangejuice
  • 7 grams ofcinnamon
  • 40 grams of crushed almonds.
  • Boil thewater
  • Addoats
  • Kitchen constantly stirring
  • Separate the pineapple to obtain the juice
  • Add pineapple juice, orange, honey, almonds andcinnamon
  • Finally, add the oats cooker and liqueur
  • When you have a mixture without lumps, you can add some ice cubes
Take a glass of this drink daily, and in a short time you will feel how the pain of your joints will not appear again at all.

The Children Whose Parents Are Strict Are More Successful

There are many people whose parents were very strict, constantly ordering them to clean their rooms, do their homework and focus on their futures. Their constant nagging was probably difficult to bear.
However, according to the latest studies strict parents have more successful children. So, if you had a strict mother who made your life a living hell during the childhood, you will thank her one day for her strict parenting.

Erica Rascon, who is a professor from the Essex University, has conducted a study which proved that successful children have strict and highly demanding mothers.

More than 15000 children at the age of 13 participated in this study which was conveyed between 2004 and 2010. According to Erica, the results in the study correspond with the statements of most mothers, regarding the access to higher education.

If the mother has high expectations, then her children are more likely to be secure and confident later in life. According to the study, daughters whose mothers are nagging and persistent, have lower chances of getting pregnant too early.
Moreover, the children whose mothers are strict are more likely to finish their high education and get a decent job. Although it may sound unrealistic, strict and demanding mothers do have successful children.

If you have considered your strict mother as a real enemy while growing up, you will be highly grateful for it later in your adulthood. You will appreciate her efforts and you may probably adopt the same parenting approach to raise your children as well.

If You Eat 4 Raisins A Day, This Is What Will Happen To Your Body

One afternoon when I was visiting a friend of mine some years ago, I noticed that while we chatted, their children ran around the kitchen and from time to time they demanded a ration of sweets and sweets. I was surprised to see his mother take a candy jar from the jar and deliver it whenever they asked.
I could not with the curiosity and I asked if so much sweet would not be harmful for the children to which it responded to me: “They are not exactly sweets; They are raisins “.

But the children were so accustomed to taking them for candies that they enjoyed them as if they were the best delicacy.
And then I thought, “It’s an extraordinary idea!” What better than something natural and fresh to satisfy the demand for sweets?

But then I had the opportunity to research and learn that raisins were not only useful in this regard, but at the same time represent a lot of health benefits.
Do you want to know some of the main benefits of eating raisins?
Strengthens the bones: Raisins have magnesium, manganese and selenium that are important minerals essential for strengthening our bone system. Only a few raisins per day complete the necessary ration for an adult.

It improves digestion: This tiny fruit product of the dehydration of the fresh grapes, makes an invaluable contribution of soluble fiber that has as main function to favor the digestion and to prevent the constipation due to the humidity that they contribute to the digestive tract.
Protect the heart: Raisins also make a high potassium intake, which reduces the risk of stroke. This favors the heart because it lowers LDL cholesterol levels at the same time reducing the risk of heart attacks.
Provides energy: Although the raisins are sweet the sugar that it brings is completely natural because it derives from fructose, sucrose and glucose. It is an ideal option to increase energy and are even used as a collation in diets to lose weight or can quietly compose a snack mixed inside a yogurt or gelatin.

This Herb Will Treat Any Problems With Your Pancreas, Liver And Kidneys With A Single Blow

Today we have a powerful natural remedy that will cure any kind of liver or kidney problems quickly. The remedy is actually a herb we use in the kitchen on a daily basis – cilantro. Besides being added to soups and stews thanks to its wonderful aroma, cilantro is also a potent medicinal plant that can cure numerous diseases.

The herb is rich in essential oils that can improve your digestive system as well as vitamins and minerals such as vitamin B, C, E and K. It can also suspend the acidity of many foods and prevent further problems. Here are the main health benefits of cilantro:

  • Stimulates the function of the liver;
  • The herb is a powerful diuretic;
  • Can cure renal problems such as kidney stones;
  • Can treat numerous digestive problems such as diarrhea and constipation;
  • Regulates the blood sugar levels;
  • Eliminates the excess fat from the body;
  • Improves digestion;
  • Treats mouth ulcers;
  • Prevents conjunctivitis.

As you can see, cilantro is more than just a simple spice. Add it in your diet today and enjoy the herb’s impressive health benefits.

20 Pains In The Body That Are Linked With Emotional States

Can emotions be the cause of chronic pain? According to Dr. Susan Babel, a psychologist specializing in trauma-induced depression, this may be possible. Some studies have shed information showing that chronic pain may not only be due to physical injuries, but also because of emotional problems and a lot of stress. Read on to know 20 pains in the body and its possible relationship with certain emotional states.

How emotions relate to pains in the body

Although bad habits in the lifestyle, can be in great cause of our diseases, there are other factors also that we cannot pass long. Genetics is spoken (although this is to a lesser extent the one that could trigger a disease in full); Food and other environmental factors such as diets and contaminants, as causative elements, but there is a very important one that is still being explored in the field of science, but which has already shown evidence of being a Main factor in diseases and pains in the body, and are our emotions.

Our body always shows a reaction when we think, feel, and act. This is a mind / body connection. When you are upset, stressed or anxious, your body always immediately gives you the signs that something is not right. For example, irritation in the stomach or having high blood pressure may be due to having experienced a particularly stressful situation.
Some ways in which stress can affect you, even if it is minimal, is due to everyday situations that are sometimes so daily that we think that they are not a problem that can cause us stress. So pay attention and do your part so they do not affect you as much as you can. Remember that good changes can be just as stressful as bad changes.
Yes, we know that sometimes it is impossible to keep our spirits balanced, but unfortunately, that can sometimes lead to a weakened immune system making us more vulnerable and prone to acquiring “health drops” and giving us pain in the body, but having already The knowledge that our emotions can be the catalyst for chronic diseases and pains, is a good way to recover.
Talk to your doctor about your emotions
It is not very customary to talk to our doctors about our emotions and personal problems that cause them. But it is important to talk to your doctor if you are going through strong emotions or feelings when it comes to consulting him, since he has to exhaust the reasons why you may be suffering from chronic body aches, and emotions and stress play a role Important . Your problem may be being caused by depression and if you conceal it it will not be able to prescribe properly.
20 pains in the body that could be linked with emotional states

The following information shows you some physical signs of pains in the body, that your emotional health is out of balance and you should seek a balance:
Muscle pains
Having muscle pain represents a challenging ability to move in our lives. We must see how flexible we are being with every situation in our life and learn to flow with it.
The headaches, in the emotional field, have a lot to do with not making an important decision. Migraines represent the biggest and most unbearable headaches you can have. Check in this case which important decision you have not been taking. Also be sure to take each day a specific time to relax and release tension.
Neck pains
The pain in the neck is related to forgiveness. Is it difficult for you to forgive? Check your neck pain and if you have an unresolved problem that has to do with forgiveness. Forgiveness brings together many strong emotions, once releasing a forgiveness retained in the depths of your soul, where it is useless, you could feel more relieved of your chronic pains in this area. Consider in the process, the things you love about yourself and others. Work consciously toward forgiveness.
Pain in the gums
Like the head, the pain in the gums is attributed to not making a decision for yourself and also not to stay in it if you already took it. You must be clear and go for it.

Pain in your shoulders
It is easy to know why they may be chronically hurting their shoulders if there is no evidence of an already diagnosed disease. And even if there were, the pains in the shoulders have a lot to do in how much emotional load you are putting on yourself and that does not belong to you. Focus on being proactive in resolving this burden and distributing part of it to others in your life.
Stomach aches
It has a relationship in the aspect of digesting life. When you have gastrointestinal problems, even if you have a good diet, if you are not really digesting your life with satisfaction, symptoms will manifest in your solar plexus. If it becomes chronic, it can bring ulcers and cause pain. What cannot you swallow to see your life go by? What emotions do you experience that immediately make you feel bad in your stomach?
Pain in the upper back

If you are feeling pain in your upper back, you are not feeling emotional support. You may not feel loved or even might want to love back. If you are single, it may be time to go for an appointment and look for your partner.
Low back pain
Low back pain could also mean that you need emotional support or it could mean you are under financial worries. For one thing or another, look for the solution directly. You could go for a raise, or if you are the owner, seek to grow your business more; If you need a little pampering at night, be sure that out there is that person who will be your perfect complement. Listen to your inner voice.
Pain in the sacrum and coccyx
You may have been on a situation that needs to be addressed already. Face it, get to the bottom of it and go for the solution. End it and get out of that uncomfortable chair now.
Pain in the elbows
The pain in the elbows has much to do with the resistance to the changes that you must have in your life. If your arms feel stiff, it can mean that you are too rigid in your life. Get off! It may be time to think about shaking things up a bit. At least go with the flow. Also seek to dance, sing, laugh for nothing and get out of the severe routine.
Pain in the arms in general
This is clear evidence that you carry a burden that may be evident to you. Either a person or a thing. It may be time to ask yourself why you are still carrying it.
Pain in the hands
With your hands you reach things and you also connect. If you feel pain in your hands, it may mean that you are not achieving that. You cannot connect to it. Try to make new friends. Have lunch with someone you connect with or feel affinity with. Look for a real connection. Also this type of malice may represent that you are clutching something very strongly that you do not want to let go, but you must.
Pain in the hips
If you are afraid to move, that can manifest as a pain in the hips. Painful hips could be a sign that you are too resistant to changes and movements. It also relates to support. When injured, it is usually related to an imbalance in how you relate to life. You feel lack of love and support.
Pain in the joints in general
Like muscles, joint pain represents flexibility, attachment, and lack of change. Open your mind to new thoughts, lessons and experiences.
Pain in the knees

Ultimately, knee pain may indicate that you are a person who overcharges too much by falling pretense. Practice humility. Spend time volunteering. Be sure to remind yourself that you are also a mortal. You are human and although you have an ego, do not let it rule over your life.
You do not like your situation and you repeat that aversion in your head and emotions every day. He repeats to himself that experiences are flowing easily as they integrate perceived positive or negative experiences with ease.
Pain in the ankles
Ankle pain may be a sign that you are depriving yourself of the pleasure. It may mean it’s time to please you a little more. Spend more time on your romantic life.
Pain that causes fatigue
Boredom, endurance, and denying what it takes to advance, “What’s next?” Open up to that little voice that speaks to you very softly and pushes you into a new experience.
Pain in the feet
Your feet are very sensitive when you are depressed. You will see that the feet begin to manifest some reaction when you are of very low spirits. Being in a state of negativity also has consequences on the feet. Look for the constant joy in your life regardless of the challenges. Concentrate on good things by looking for other types of activities that do not make you back to the negative.


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