4 Hot Reasons Why Pregnant Women Need Sex Every Day

Even though pregnancy seems like a terrible abstain period for the men, pregnant women share the same pain.

You know how it goes.
Men are too scared to do something that could hurt the soon-to-be mother. Anything can happen when the desire is too big, and both sides can’t handle the pressure.
Enough with that.

Carrying a child for nine months is stressful. If your man is not a part of that, you are going to be going through a terrible time. It’s like a river of emotions.

Mother How

One minute you are laughing, the other you are crying. It’s strange and exhausting. However, the price is the most awesome feeling in the world.
Back to the husband. There are lots of things your husband can do to relieve the pressure and stress during pregnancy.

As I said earlier, most of the women feel uncomfortable having sex because they think somehow it will harm the fetus.
That’s not true.
Having sex during pregnancy is probably the best thing you can do to strengthen up the muscles for the delivery and relax.
Here are four reasons why you need more sex:

Reason No.1: Lowers the Blood Pressure


First you are going to feel the blood pressure going down.
There is a love hormone that’s released during sex. It’s called oxytocin. That’s the guilty one for relieving stress and tension. With that being said, the level of your blood pressure walks within the borders of healthy boundaries.

Reason No.2: You’ll Sleep Better


Oh, yes. Sleeping is one of the biggest benefits of having sex during pregnancy.
Carrying a child means frequent urination, trouble finding the best sleeping position, and back pain. This leads to reduced small sleeping hours as the fetus grows.
That’s why sex helps the cause.

Reason No.3: Increasing the Intimacy Between the Partners

What to Expect

The incredible and strong bond you create during that emotional treadmill leads to perfect intimacy for life.
There are lots of hormones released during the intercourse making the woman more attaching, trusting, sympathetic, and supportive.

You will feel closer to your partner more than you’ll ever be!

Reason No.4: Reduces Pain

Girls Gone Strong

Last but not least, having sex during pregnancy washes the pain away. The hormones called prolactin, progesterone, and estrogen enables the blood flow to the vagina and the pelvic area.
This process allows the increase of lubrication and sensitivity while reducing the pain.

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