4 Skin Damaging Beauty Habits You Thought Are Healthy

Trying to keep our skin smooth and beautiful is something we all have in common.

Especially the women.
We would do anything to keep it like that. That’s why we are always late for our husbands.
But, we are worth waiting. Can I get an amen?

This post should be considered as a warning for all of us. There are some unhealthy habits we thought were healthy and helped our skin.
I was surprised by some of them.

Damaging Beauty Habit #1: Excessive Cleansing

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It’s vital for a woman to perform a cleansing. However, doing the same method 3-4 times a week will harm your skin.
Over-Cleansing removes the natural essential oils and dehydrates the skin. That’s why after a week you notice some invites wrinkles and acne.

Damaging Beauty Habit #2: Hot Showers

We all love hot and soothing bath. It relaxes our body and opens up the clogged pores. However, by exposing yourself too much to higher temperatures, your delicate facial skin could suffer.
You will notice some wrinkles on the upper skin of your face. That’s the result surface erosion.

Damaging Beauty Habit #3: Over-Exfoliation

We exfoliate the skin just to unclog those pores and avoid getting acne and other skin problems.
It’s recommended to exfoliate our skin two times a week.
However, most women don’t take this limit seriously and proceed with five-six times a week.
Over-exfoliation disturbs the pH levels of your skin and eliminates the natural skin moisture.
The skin will become dry and break easily.
What’s more, hard scrubbing will damage the fine layer of your exposed skin.

Damaging Beauty Habit #4: Heavy Makeup


By making the previous three skin harmful habits, you seek help in makeup. That’s not a bad thing if you keep it moderate.
But most of the women experience bigger skin problems, and they put heavy makeup to cover up the cracks or wrinkles.
You have to know that by doing this you are making things worse.
Putting heavy makeup on your skin increases the spread of acne on your face and increase the pressure on the skin cells. It affects the balance and opens up your skin for the infections to attack it quickly.

WARNING: Sleeping with your makeup on doubles the exposure to damages. The makeup contains chemicals that react with your skin and could ruin it forever. Remove your makeup and moisturize your skin before you go to sleep.
I hope these four skin damaging beauty habits you thought are healthy and helping opened your eyes going further.
It’s time to stop doing something that damages our skin.

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