5 Effective and Easy Stretches That Will Burn Your Fat Out

You know how I say breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

Well, I could say the same thing for the stretching. It’s really important. I recommend doing it early in the morning after a good night sleep or before bed.
Stretching early in the morning opens your eyes and prepares your muscles for the day.
Plus, it will make breakfast taste better. All the fat you will burn in the morning will make you even hungrier for that nice healthy breakfast you’ve already thought about preparing.
Stretching before bed drains your muscles more. By doing these simple stretches, you will prepare them for a good night relax and recovery.
5 Effective and Easy Stretches That Will Burn Your Fat Out
The sleep will help them recover faster.
By doing these 5 simple stretches for a month, you will notice that the belly’s going to get smaller each day. Don’t worry. It’s shaping up!
The fat is getting out. Your muscles are healthy and strong. You are sleeping better than before and the days are fulfilled with energy.
Yes. That’s the magic in stretching.
These effective yoga stretches are recommended especially for those who have a sitting job and don’t have much time to focus on exercising.
Let’s sweat:

Cobra Pose

5 Effective and Easy Stretches That Will Burn Your Fat Out
How to do this pose:
  •      Lie down comfortably and let the stomach touch the ground
  •      Place your forehead on the ground
  •      Keep your elbows parallel
  •      Make sure your chin and toes touch the floor
  •      Inhale and slowly raise your chest upwards and try to bend backwards
  •      Hold this position for 30 seconds
  •      Exhale slowly and come back to the base position
  •      Take a 15-second pause
  •      Repeat this procedure at least for 5 minutes


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