8 Hidden Signs of Kidney Stones Every Person Should Know

Suffering from kidney stones is awfully painful. Only the person who got rid of them could tell about the painful process.

Don’t start me on how important is for you to keep your kidneys healthy. They are the motor that purifies your body. They deal with all the unnecessary toxic waste and transform it into the urine.
Unhealthy kidneys lag to finish their job. During the whole process, they fail to dissolve the toxins 100%. It leads to creating crystals and stones.
Your body does a great job eliminating small stones, but the larger ones are the ones making bigger problems.
These carved stones find a comfortable place in the kidneys causing pain and problems. The problems come in a form of preventing the urethra to do its job.
When a kidney stone blocks the ureter, the person feels “unsurvivable pain.”
Noticing these stones in their early stages will give you one step ahead of this pain. You could prevent bigger damage by responding to the symptoms and signs your body gives to your brain.
8 Hidden Signs of Kidney Stones Every Person Should Know
Let’s see the most common symptoms a person suffering from kidney stones experiences:


There is a possibility if you are noticing infections like painful urination, fever, urinary infection, and other common diseases that there is something hard in your kidneys.

Unpleased Odor or Cloudy Urine

No, that cloudy urine won’t pass the next time you are going to visit the bathroom.
If your urine changes the color and has an unpleasant odor, there is a possibility of toxins to be still in your body.
Not releasing all of the toxins will lead to an increase in the size and shape of the kidney stones.


If you are feeling constant pain while you urinate, you need to visit your doctor. Morning pains are common because urination is more frequent during the day.

Kidney Pain

The same thing goes with the pain in your kidneys. Your kidneys feel that the stones are stuck and send an immediate reaction to your brain.
The brain translates it like pain that needs immediate attention.
This pain could be felt in your abdomen and could go worse with time.
It’s rare, but could happen, pain in the genitals or groin, and pain in the back.

Blood in the Urine

Red colored urine is the most common sign that leads to abdominal pain. The stone and the ureter rub and result in changing the color of the urine.

Renal Colic

If you start feeling the pain going away and consistently comes back, then, you need to see your doctor and confirm what’s going on.
Often, renal colic is accompanied with sweat and sickness.

Frequent and Painful Urination

The urge to visit the bathroom and the pain while doing that are vivid signs that something is not right with your kidneys.
The result is kidney stones, and you will want to rush to your doctor.

Vomiting and Nausea

As I said before, the kidneys are prevented by eliminating 100% of the waste, and the toxins are stuck in your body.
Not being able to flush them, your body reacts with nausea and vomiting as the only way to get them out of the system.
I hope I helped you see the signs of kidney stones. Now you will know how to approach and notice that something is not right.

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