How to Remove Varicose Veins Using the Magic of Olive Oil

It’s time to remove varicose veins because they don’t look so great on your body. They are the worst appearance on your legs. It’s like you’ve been standing on your feet for your whole life.

The dark marks appear mostly on the legs and force you to cover the legs all the way to cover them up.

If you want to remove these veins once and for all, you need to follow these instructions below.
You just need one simple ingredient to fix this problem. According to the source and people who came out with it, these veins will never give you problems after the treatment.

Remove varicose veins with Olive Oil

Before you do anything with olive oil, it’s crucial for you to exfoliate the skin.

The first thing you need to do is to add a bit olive oil in a jar. Make sure the olive oil is the extra virgin one. Ask around in your neighborhood. See if someone produces it locally.
Microwave the jar for a minute until the olive oil becomes tender and warm.

Remove the jar from the microwave and add a bit of the content in the hands.

Message your legs with this. Start from down and move up. The force should be the same as you are massaging your legs. Start from your ankles and go upwards. End at the torso. Make sure your moves are circular and delicate.

The massaging process is natural and deflates legs. The blood flow starts working properly again, and the veins will disappear.

It’s a natural method that will let you remove varicose veins effectively. You need to do this method on a daily basis until the veins disappear.

How To Remove The Excess Fat That Modifies Your Look

If the fat pops out when you put a tight t-shirt or your bra and modifies your look, you have some work to do.

That fat showing up on the sides doesn’t look so good. Don’t worry. Lots of women have the same problem.
They don’t know how to deal with it. If you can notice some fat, it doesn’t mean that you are overweight or fat or something like that.

It’s just a place where you didn’t pay attention. It can happen to all of us.

Sometimes it happens because you wear your bra too much. It is pressed on your skin and the excess comes out above and below the straps.
If you feel some kind of pressure at a certain place, consider changing your bra.
How To Remove The Excess Fat That Modifies Your Look
Excess back fat can also come as a result of weak posterior chain muscles. Very often we forget about these muscles while we do our workout.

I don’t really enjoy working on my back, but we all must do that because of problems like this.
The excess back fat comes as a bigger problem when we want to wear sleeveless tops or look sexy and fit in our swimming suits.
You don’t want the fat to mess up your look, right?

If the answer to this question is yes, I don’t want that, maybe I have the solution to this problem.
This is Natalie Jill. She has made a video how to get rid of that “bra fat” while doing exercises that attack the back fat.
I hope you’ll like it.
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How To Remove Brown Spots On Top of Your Hands?

The summer is coming, so it makes the perfect time for me to share this with you.

Are you familiar with brown spots showing up on the skin?
Spots like these typically occur in parts exposed to the sun. I’m talking about face, shoulders, hands, and forearms.

Don’t worry. It’s not something you should take for granted. They don’t harm your health, but could look embarrassing sometimes.

People keep visiting their doctors for treatment, but I have found a way for you to remove them at your home.

The person you are going to see in the video is Dr. Doug Willen. He is the author of Quantem Paleo.

How To Remove Brown Spots On Top of Your Hands?
Dr. Doug advises you to treat these brown spots with a homemade remedy. This cure includes apple cider vinegar and onion juice.

Here is the complete recipe for this mixture and how to use it.

How To Remove Blackheads Using Only 2 Ingredients

These blackheads don’t want to disappear without a fight. Removing them with all those expensive treatments won’t always do the trick.

The blackheads will get back to you in a week or two. Am I right?
Lots of women and teenagers are popping these blackheads out. All of you know that they will turn into something worse, but you are doing it.

The reason why you keep doing this is that you are tired seeing those blackheads or pimples ruin your skin.

All those creams you see on the shelves in the nearest beauty shop are not giving the results you want them to give.

And you already know what I’m going to say to you right now. Natural is always better!

How To Remove Blackheads Using Only 2 Ingredients
This homemade two-ingredient facemask you will see below will remove the blackheads immediately.
Here is what you need:


  • Two tablespoons Milk
  • One Tablespoon Unflavored Gelatin
  • Disposable Container
  • Old makeup brush or popsicle stick for applying
  • Measuring spoons


  • Mix all the ingredients into the disposable container
  • Put the mixture into your microwave and heat it up for 15 seconds
  • Apply this mixture to your face
  • Let it sit for 15 minutes
  • Start peeling away the mask

How to Remove Back Pain at Home Effectively

The severe pain that won’t let you sleep like you should during nights. Almost every person who has a desk job suffers from back pain.

In most of the cases, 85% to be precise, the pain can’t be located. Even magnetic resonance is unable to give a diagnosis.

It might show up as a result of degenerated vertebrae, stenosis of the spine, hernia disc, strained muscle, and other similar factors and injuries.

The pain will be present for a month or so before it decides to leave you alone. However, while this pain is here, you will feel like your back and neck are going through hell.

In most cases, the pain goes away without any treatments or remedies, but if you ask me, the best way to remove back ache is by doing exercises.

Here is what you can do to eliminate back pain at your home efficiently.

Method #1: Hot and Cold

How to Remove Back Pain at Home Effectively
Massage Supplies
Use hot and cold compresses on the areas you feel pain the most. You can perform this treatment on every two or three hours.
This hot and cold compress helps you relieve pain in a short term, but it sure is relaxing and make you go through the process smoothly.

Method #2: Working the Pain Out

Perform back stretches and workouts every day. Focus on your back. Move your neck muscles because there is a significant possibility for the back pain to transfer to your neck.
Some neck workouts could help remove your chronic back pain.

Method #3: Relaxing Massages

How to Remove Back Pain at Home Effectively
Dolphin Island
Visit your massage therapist two or three times per week. The use of back massages will relax the back muscles all the time. It feels great.

Method #4: Changing Sleep

Believe it or not, moving your body slightly to the left or right means a huge change in your sleeping.
When you suffer from back pain, you need to use softer pillows that are better suitable for your neck and head. Try memory foam pillow that adapts your neck and head.
If you love sleeping on the side, prevent yourself from curving the spine by using a good pillow. The one higher than the head area will do the trick.
Slight changes could mean a lot.

Now, once you relieve the pain, some things will allow you to keep your back healthy.

Healthy Back Tips

Tip #1: Get Up, Stand Up!
Sitting too much means weaker back. Standing up and moving a bit on every ten mins will improve your back and posture.

Don’t forget to do some exercises, as well.

Tip #2: Mattress Matters
How to Remove Back Pain at Home Effectively
If you are using the same mattress for 5 or more years, it’s time for a change.
The pain could be a result of the overused mattress.

Tip #3: Avoid Belly Sleeping
Sleeping on your belly means intense pain in your back.

Tip #4: Get Moving! 
Walk or run at least half an hour every day. This will stretch those back muscles and give you tremendous improvement to your overall health.

Tip #5: You are not Superman
Don’t lift heavy loads and items. Don’t carry them either. Heavy loads could damage the spine, joints and lead to back muscle injuries.

Tip #6: Be Careful Super Moms

How to Remove Back Pain at Home Effectively
Tumor Fight

Mothers are more exposed to suffering from back pain. Having a small kid means carrying him from A to B.

Be careful. When you take the child in your arms, make sure you crouch first and lift slowly with your thigh muscles. Don’t expose your back to the danger of picking up something heavy.

Tip #7: Bending Your Knees
No matter what, you need to bend your knees for every activity. Remember this the next time you are going to carry a baby, bag, or even brush your teeth.
I hope you are not equipped with how to relieve back pain and prevent that ache from coming back.
This is how you remove back pain effectively.

How To Relieve Stress According to Your Zodiac Sign

Remember that lady that moved in my neighborhood?

You know, that same lady that made us choose an eye and get amazed by the results.
Well, she strikes again. I invited her over this morning. She came with a bottle of fine red wine.
I couldn’t understand why because it was 9 a.m. in the morning. She said to pour a glass of this wine I feel like celebrating.

When I asked her why, she said, “darling, sometimes questions don’t deserve answers”.
Did I mention that she is hilarious? – Well, she is my favorite neighbor now.

We talked for an hour, getting to know each other more and more. Before she went back to her home, she asked me to open up my email.

She wanted me to share something with you. It’s an interesting read about what the zodiac says about how you need to handle stress.

You know how I feel about the zodiac, but I know it is interesting for you. Plus, my daughter is obsessed with these things.

She reminds me of me when I was her age. I wanted to see If my crush will say “hi” today or not.
So, with that being said I hope this could help you relieve stress easily and quickly.

How To Relieve Stress According to Your Zodiac Sign


You are a busy person. You just want to catch up with everything and everyone.
You live your life to the maximum. Very often, you forget about the little things in your life. That’s why you feel stressed.
This zodiac best handles stress taking a day off. Visit some place that is surrounded by nature. Slow down and enjoy life.


You are a hard worker. When it comes to failure, you take it personally.
That’s how you get stressed even when failure is not your fault.
This zodiac advises you to go easy on yourself when you are stressed. Take a break and breathe. Meditate. That’s the road to bigger success.


The Gemini people are tagged with a complex label. They are very hard to handle.
You love conversation and enjoy having fun. Very often you feel stressed because of lots of things.
This zodiac claims that this is a result of extra energy. So, to easily relieve stress, go ahead and remove that extra energy out of you.
Consider visiting the gym every day. It will make you feel great.


You enjoy being secured. Sometimes that attacks you. The stress comes from feeling insecure.
People born under this sign relieve stress with mediating. This calms you enough to understand that you are not the driver of every car.

You are not always in charge of what happens in your life.
No one is. Control your emotions and let the stress go away.

How To Relieve Stress According to Your Zodiac Sign


When it comes to Leo people, they are going a step further than Cancer. They want to control everything.
Even though that seems so unrealistic, they are still doing it. They want to take over the wheel of the world and start controlling it.
This mindset comes with a price. A lot of stress.
To handle stress easily, you need to take a moment for yourself and take a deep breath. Do this for a little while and feel the change.


Virgo is just like Gemini. There are many similarities. Some call them siblings in the zodiac.
You are going too hard on yourself. It’s in your blood to handle all of the problems that directly or indirectly involve you.
When there isn’t any clear solution to a problem, you blame yourself.
That’s really stressful. The easiest way to handle stress is by writing all of the thoughts and ideas in your head.
Talk with the other people about them and seek a solution. Even if you can’t find it right away, give yourself a few days. It will come to you.
Just like Dr. House did in most of the episodes.
If you watched it, you will know what I mean.


You are the most easily stressed of all zodiacs here. If you feel even the slightest dose of imbalance, there is the stress to increase the trouble.
Relieving stress doesn’t come easy. Libras need to reaffirm their commitment and try to make peace with everything that causes stress in their lives.


I used to say that when I grow up I want to be a Scorpio when I was a little girl. I didn’t know anything about zodiacs back then.

These people are really sensitive and hide their emotions. This brings a huge dose of stress.

The easiest way of letting stress go is to express your feelings. Let people know more about you. They deserve because they care.

How To Relieve Stress According to Your Zodiac Sign


“I don’t know, I’m busy”.
Sounds familiar? – If your answer is yes, you are probably a Sagittarius or you know someone who is.
These people like to be busy, but don’t like to be told what to do. Being impatient most of the time brings stress to your life.
The easiest way is to take a deep breath and understand that you are not the only one living on this planet.


These people are really hard on themselves. Even when they are stressed. They still say that they deserve that.
Go easy and chill out. Take a trip at least once a month. Go and relax to the spa. Eat your favorite healthy food, sit back and relax.
No one will say “Nice job” because you are too stressed over something.


The adventurous one. Remember to look before you made that final decision and leap over the obstacle.
You are stubborn and don’t always listen to people who mean well for you.
The stress comes when you get the feeling life isn’t going according to plans. Do a reality check from time to time. That will help you relieve stress.
How To Relieve Stress According to Your Zodiac Sign


The most creative and sensitive people. That makes them want to be isolated from people. They think they will change the world without anyone to know about that.
You are exposed and stressed.

Take time for yourself to recharge your batteries and continue with a clear mind.
I know you found yourself. What’s your and your friends’ zodiac sign?
Now I need to head to the gym. I feel a little bit stressed today.

How to Relieve Cold Using Frankincense Oil?

Have you heard about frankincense oil and its power to relieve colds and other similar problems?

I love these oils. Every time I visit a Spa Center, these essential oils make the stay more pleasant and relaxing.

Now, in time when colds and cases of flu are attacking our system, we need to know all possible tricks and tips to take a good care of our health.\

The frankincense oil comes with amazing healing properties. The smell is the thing that attracts me the most. When you deeply inhale, you will feel that mix of honey and lemon going up through your nose feeling your senses.

The frankincense oil comes from the resin of Boswellia tree that grows in the African and Arabian areas.

So, if you are dealing with a cold, and you want something that will make you better, you can massage or take few drops of it in water or directly.
Here is how and what you can use frankincense oil for.

Relieving Cough

The irritating cold could come with a cough. If you want to do something about it, you need to add a few drops of this oil to a glass of water.
You will be able to eliminate the phlegm in your lungs and clear your airwaves.

Strengthen Up your Immune System

Studies show that this essential oil could destroy dangerous bacteria, viruses and in some cases, cancer.
Check with your doctor to confirm that you are not sensitive to it.
Dilute a few drops of this essential oil into coconut oil, a glass of water, and a teaspoon of honey. Cheers!

How to Relieve Chronic Cough with This Bananas and Honey Mixture

The chronic cough is unpleasant and annoying. Nobody wants to have it as it’s like you are coughing your soul out.

At least that’s how it looks like from the side.
It’s a challenge the medicine can’t figure out. I’ve heard my dad say that a cough has a period. It lasts for one week, and it’s not much important the medicine you take. The pills or syrups will only help you for the moment. After a while, the cough is back stronger.

If it continues, then the problem is much bigger, and you should check issues in your organism.

On the other hand, this natural remedy contains the oldest and most powerful ingredients that soothe a sore throat, aids the lungs, and cures a chronic cough in no time.
The healing properties of the banana and honey are good for attacking the biggest problem you have right now. You will find both of these ingredients in the recipe, and they are safe for both children and adults.
Wait until you see what kind of flavor it has.
You can treat everything from a sore throat, cough, bronchitis, and even stomach problems with this drink.

Here is the full recipe how to relieve a chronic cough:


  • 400 ml boiling water
  • Two medium ripe bananas (with dots)
  • Two tablespoons of honey


  • Peel the bananas and puree them with a fork or spoon (wooden)
  • Place bananas in the pot and add the boiled water to them.
  • Let this mixture sit for 30 minutes
  • When the remedy is completely cooled off, add the honey.


  • Drink 100 ml of this remedy four times a day.
  • The amount is enough for a day to make you prepare it every day and consume it fresh
  • See the first results come in 3-5 days
By drinking this unusual remedy, you are using and thanking the nature to provide you with more with these essential ingredients and mixtures.

How to Reduce Dementia Symptoms with Melissa Essential Oil

The Melissa Essential Oil is also known as the lemon balm oil. People are using it for years now to treat numerous health issues like anxiety, insomnia, and migraines.

The fresh lemon scent makes people feel better right away. It feeds your body and mind with antiviral and antimicrobial properties.
On top of this, the scientists were able to discover something interesting. The Melissa Essential Oil gave an amazing ability to serve as a natural treatment for Alzheimer’s.
Let’s check what it can do:

  1. Improves Alzheimer’s Symptoms

The scientists at Newcastle General Hospital’s Institute for Aging and Health revealed a trial to see the real value in Alzheimer’s treatment.
They used some unique method to “drain” the effects of the Melissa oil for agitation in people with dementia.
The discovery came as excellent news.
60% of the Melissa oil group experienced a 30% reduction of anxiety. There is still a long road ahead, but scientists are on the right path.


  1. Prevents and Treats Infections

Research found that this oil gives better treatment results against bacterial strains, including candida.
The Melissa Essential Oil has a bigger level of antibacterial activity than lavender oil.
  1. Promotes Healthy Skin

People already use the oil against skin problems. It has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It helps you clear the skin conditions caused by fungus and bacteria.
  1. Treats Various Viruses and Herpes

A study, which was first published in Phytomedicine, says that a higher amount of the Melissa oil could heal herpes simplex virus type 1 and 2.
  1. Fights off Depression

This study comes out saying that people use this oil to fight off depression, improve anxiety, and cognition.
  1. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Research in Cardiovascular Medicine’s study found the link between the Melissa Essential Oil and electrocardiogram.
Electrocardiogram is a test for checking up the electrical problems with your heart.
  1. Relieves PMS Symptoms

Results from one study say that women who are using this oil feel the relief of PMS symptoms. The women who from the test were taking 1,200 mg of the oil during their menstrual cycle.

How to use it?

Here is a video that will lead you through the process of using this oil.

That’s how you use the Melissa Essential Oil for many health benefits.

How To Reduce Anxiety Following These 5 Natural Ways

Stress and anxiety are toe to toe. I usually say that one can’t go without another.

People react differently to anxiety. There are millions of approaches that you can beat it. I usually say that you can beat both of them with cooking healthy food or shopping. It’s really effective.
But, people want to do it naturally.
So, I found 5 tips that could help you increase your happiness and understand that you are the only one that matters.
Following them will make you relieve the stress you are feeling and think more clearly. It’s really important to worry about the real things in life.
I will go down straight on point.
Let’s go:

Avoid Caffeine

I know you can’t live without caffeine. But, it’s important. The caffeine is known as increasing the adrenaline production within your body. This is the hormone that keeps you within the borders of stress and anxiety.
Women drink coffee because they are stressed. Not knowing that it’s the caffeine that doesn’t let them stay away from it.
If you can’t leave it entirely, at least learn how to drink a cup of coffee per day. You have, to cut couple of cups. Or, opt in for decaf.

Talk with your friends

Your friends know to put you through a rollercoaster of feelings, but few heads think clearer than only one. Don’t let your feelings get the best of you. You are the one who is stressed and feels the anxiety.
You can’t get your thoughts straight. That’s why you need to talk to a reliable person or your closest friends.
Talk about all of your problems and worries that stress you out. Talk with someone you trust.

How To Reduce Anxiety Following These 5 Natural Ways

Focus on Deep Breathing

People forget about their breathing. Just walk down the gym and see how many people focus on the breathing intervals. Those who have a red face, those people are not breathing at all.
Leave that aside.
There is a reason why I love yoga. It focuses on calming your body through breathing and exercising.
Learning how to breathe is gold. Take deep breaths when you are stressed out. Find a quiet place and start meditating. Count to three while you inhale, count to three while you exhale.
Clear your mind and order all of the thoughts that come to your mind. You can even take that time for yourself and turn off all thoughts.
Focus on repeating the numbers in your head and on your breathing.
You will feel as good as new after every session.

30 Minutes Every Day For Relaxation

Skip your daily coffee break for making these 30 minutes your minutes. Relax. Schedule a relaxation massage if you have.
You can walk in the park. Do yoga. Mediate. Or just sit back and relax with your favorite music.
This will lower your blood pressure, heart rate, and calm you down.

How To Reduce Anxiety Following These 5 Natural Ways

Epsom Salt Bath

The stress-relieving bath. Taking a hot, soothing bath with Epsom salts will scare the stress and anxiety away. The magnesium sulfate that’s released during this bath will regenerate the nervous system and boost your relaxation senses.

You can “spice” things a little bit with some essential oils.
There you have it. The 5 things you need to do to be more relaxed and productive.
Don’t forget to share these ways with your friends. They would love to try them.

Simple Ways How to Recognize and Cure Sinus Infection

We are not made of steel.

Everyone could get sick. Unfortunately, we’ve all experienced a sinus infection.
The pain is something you want to go away as soon as possible.

Your head is on a verge of explosion. The constant pressure you feel makes you want to break your nose.

That’s not the solution.

You need to know that sinus infections strike almost 40 million people in the US every year.
Doing something to prevent it with natural pain remedies is probably the best thing you can do.
So, what is а sinus infection?

Simple Ways How to Recognize and Cure Sinus Infection
You didn’t want to hear my explanation for sinus infection.
Sinus infection is easily recognizable.
You feel pain all over your face. However, sometimes it’s not that.

Here are the most common symptoms that will allow you to recognize sinus infection:

  •      Stuffy Nose
  •      Headache
  •      Pain and pressure in the face
  •      Pain when you move
  •      Yellow or green mucus
  •      Coughing up phlegm
  •      Fever
  •      Post nasal drip
  •      Your teeth hurt
  •      Bad Breath
  •      Can’t smell and can’t taste
When you have this sinus infection it’s like everything is set off.
You don’t feel hungry. You can’t smell or taste anything. You just feel pain.
And that is bugging you off.
Many people turn to something they find in the drug store.
I’ve heard doctors warn about this addiction. They say that using different antibiotics could result in becoming immune to them.
They won’t work if you get sick of more serious disease.
That’s why I choose to get it done naturally.
One of the main things you need to do is to boost your immunity. That’s before you catch a sinus infection.
This is a way of preventing it.
There is no better way for boosting your metabolism than with food.
Here is a list of foods that have that ability:
  •      Kefir and Greek Yogurt
  •      Cruciferous Vegetables
  •      Apple Cider Vinegar
  •      Onions and Garlic
  •      Mushrooms
  •      Whole Grains
  •      Pure Raw Honey
  •      Cinnamon, Turmeric and Ginger
  •      Organic Fruits and Vegetables
  •      Dark Leafy Greens
  •      Green Tea
Including these foods in your diet will reduce the chance of getting sinus infection.
Now, let’s say you already have one.
What’s the first thing you do?
No, you go for foods that can fight off that nasty sinus infection.
If you are sure that you have this infection, this is how you cure it naturally.
These foods will be your secret weapon in the fight against it.

Garlic & Onions

Even before I searched for these foods, I knew there would be garlic involved.
As I said couple of times garlic plays the role as natural antibiotic. It treats lots of medical conditions.
I know your breath will smell afterwards, but either that or sinus struggles.
All of the garlic’s health benefits relate on the high concentration of allicin.
That’s an organic sulfur compound with antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.
The onions have the same properties. They are rich in sulfur, too.
This makes them great sinus infection fighters.
If you suffer from mild sinus infection, just by inhaling the aroma of freshly chopped onion will clear your nasal passages.
However, the sulfur could cause teary eyes right after you chop the onion.
You can get over it or if you can’t take it any longer there is another way.
Slice an onion and place it in a pot of boiling water. Let it boil for 5 minutes.
Put some in a mug and inhale the scent.
Immediate results.

Simple Ways How to Recognize and Cure Sinus Infection

Apple Cider Vinegar

The usage sheet of Apple Cider Vinegar in medicine is very long.
It has everything it needs for treating sinus infections.
I’ve mentioned a couple of times that it has antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties that kill infections.
Plus, it helps the body maintain the needed alkaline pH level.
By doing this the apple cider vinegar breaks up mucus and discourages the disease to move forward.
The most natural way of taking apple cider vinegar is by mixing 2 tablespoons of it into lukewarm water and drinking it regularly.


Simple Ways How to Recognize and Cure Sinus Infection


Cayenne is used as a healing food for many centuries now.
It’s full with capsaicin that treats many medical issues. Sinus problems are involved in these issues.
According to a research from August 2011 (Annals of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology) capsaicin helps the treatment of nasal congestion, headaches and sinus pain.
Adding it on your food can bring many benefits. It will make the food tastier, too.

Coconut oil

My favorite. This is not the last time I include coconut oil.
I know there will be other chances for me to tell you how beneficial it is.
Coconut oil shows up here again. It has anti-microbial effect against bacteria, viruses and fungi.
Some reports say that coconuts have been used even in traditional medicine for fighting different illnesses.

Tea Leaves

My grandmother was a tea believer.
For her, tea is one of the most common drinks for curing a disease.
Their anti-microbial activities protects you from pathogens and insects.
Black tea is highly effective when it comes to fungi, bacteria and viruses.
A research conducted on Harvard proved that people who drank 5 cups a day of black tea for 2 weeks will have 10 times more anti-virus properties in their blood than others who drink something else.
That’s a lot.

Fish and Shellfish

Rich with selenium, fishes and shellfish can help “kick viruses ass” out of the body.
Opt in for two servings a week. If you are pregnant you should consult a doctor and ask for the allowed dosage.
Including these foods in your system will help the fight against sinus infection.
Try to eat more Anti-inflammatory foods and stay hydrated all the time.
During the healing period you will say this or that doesn’t work. Try to be patient.
Leave the foods to work for you. Treating something naturally will give you strength for the next time.
Have you tried to cure yourself naturally with foods? – Share the foods you’ve eaten with us.
We could use them.
p.s. I think your friends would love to know how to recognize and cure diseases.
Do you?

How to Purify Your Arteries Naturally with These 7 Methods

The arteries in your body need to be clean as a whistle to function properly. The leading cause of deaths in the US is precisely the cardiovascular disease.

The Arteriosclerosis is a condition that occurs when there is some disruption in the blood supply to the heart. It leads to chest pain and angina.

What is arteriosclerosis?

If you are not familiar with the term, here is a definition that will clear things up.

How to Purify Your Arteries Naturally with These 7 Methods
Mayo Clinic
Having increased levels of the bad cholesterol, you are increasing the chances and risk of these blocked arteries.
And the LDL cholesterol is only one piece of the puzzle.
The triglycerides are here, as well. They can be harmful when the liver produces them after consuming big amounts of alcohol or calories.
The stress, blood vessel inflammation, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and smoking are all in the same box of damaging the inner walls of the arteries.
That results in plaque buildup.
Don’t worry, though. You can prevent this from happening. There are seven simple and natural methods to reverse the plaque buildup.
Let’s see what they are.
  1. Mediterranean Diet

It’s probably the best “for life” way of living. The Mediterranean diet is well-balanced and beneficial for your health. It’s the best diet for your arteries and overall health. It’s rich in antioxidant, fiber, and unsaturated fats.
It contains foods like whole grains, fish, seafood, legumes, olive oil, nuts, lean meat and chicken, and limited amounts of red meat and eggs.
The diet includes plenty of veggies and foods which are entirely different than the typical American way of living.
  1. Focus on Fats

According to the AHA (American Heart Association), the saturated and trans fats should be limited to 6% of the daily calories. That’s approximately 13 grams for your 2,000-calorie diet. Try to consume more monosaturated and polyunsaturated fats.
  1. Lower Sugar and Salt intake

How to Purify Your Arteries Naturally with These 7 Methods
Stockdale Martin
Too much salt leads to increasing the blood pressure. This leads to blockages in your arteries.
Sugar is even more dangerous. It leads to high blood pressure, obesity, and cholesterol.
Try to limit your daily intake of sugar and salt. You can do without them if you want. It’s tough at the beginning because they are addictive, but try lowering the portions on a daily basis.
  1. Artery-Friendly Foods

Enrich your daily food intake with:
  • Oats and Chickpeas
  • Nuts
  • Herbs
  • Garlic
  • Pomegranates
  • Avocados
  1. Move

How to Purify Your Arteries Naturally with These 7 Methods
Gayeda International Limited
To get those triglycerides running, you need to start exercising. 30-minutes workout five times a week will do the trick.
You have half an hour every day to spend on your health, right?
For the beginners, do some yoga. That will get you moving.
  1. Get some Sleep

You hear me?
Lack of sleep is connected to weight gain and misbalancing the hormones that regulate the hunger.
Plus, sleeping is good for reducing the bad cholesterol.
  1. Don’t Smoke

The harmful chemicals in the smoke of the cigarettes cause inflammation of the cells that line blood vessels. Smoking deletes the good cholesterol and promotes the formation of plaques.
That’s how you clean your arteries using seven simple methods.

Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood

It’s time to get rid of all your stuff in the garage, but a simple sign won’t do it. These epic signs are the very smart and funny.
If you don’t have any space in your garage where you can put the rest of the things here is a chance to get rid of them.

These signs will make every neighbor come and see what are you selling.
Forget about those old and simple signs: GARAGE SALE!
This is definitely what you need if you want some results. Here we go:
Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood
Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood

Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood
Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood
Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood
Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood

Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood
Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood
Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood

Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood
Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood
Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood

Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood
Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood
Smart and Funny Garage Sale Signs That Will Attract Whole Neighborhood
I’m coming!

Why It’s Recommended to Sleep On Your Left Side

I keep listening to doctors who recommend sleeping on your left side.
I never knew the difference between sleeping positions.
Sleep is really one of the most important things you need to do.
It strengthens up your mental and physical rest.
On what side you sleep is equally important as how much you sleep.
The position can have a bigger impact on your overall health.
If you don’t sleep on your left side, this will make you start right now.

What’s up with the positions?

It’s really crucial to understand this.
– Sleeping on your back or front side could mean difficulties to breathe.
This is dangerous for those who suffer from apnea or asthma.
– Sleeping on your right side worsens your digestion problems.
– Sleeping on your left side improves those digestive symptoms.

Okay, I saw this coming, but are there more benefits of sleeping on my left side?

Why It's Recommended to Sleep On Your Left Side
I’m really glad you asked.

The health benefits of sleeping on the left side are massive.
Some doctors believe it saves your life.
In holistic medicine, the left side is the most dominate one.
It’s called the dominant lymphatic side.
Sleeping on it gives your body time to filter toxins, waste and lymph fluid through the lymph nodes and thoracic duct.

By sleeping on your right side you are making things difficult for the lymphatic system.
It runs really slowly. You don’t want that to be the case.

Why? – Long story short, it’s deadly!
If your lymphatic system is not running efficiently, the toxins will build up in your body.
This increases the risk of developing deadly diseases.
I told you it’s deadly.

If you change your sleeping position and sleep on your left side, the improvements will be noticeable.
You will find it easier to get rid of toxins through waste.
The whole digestive system is better positioned like that. You will allow it to do its job by extracting nutrients and getting rid of toxins.

Why It's Recommended to Sleep On Your Left Side

Okay I see… but how do I teach my body to sleep on the left side?

You naturally sleep on your right side or your back.
That habit is already here and it will be harder for you to change it.
It will take some time, but make sure you achieve the goal!
Practice makes perfect!
Here are some useful tips that will help you:

  •      Lay on your left side and press a full-length body pillow against your back. This will make the turning more difficult
  •      Switch the side of the bed you sleep on
  •      Keep a dim light lit on your ride side. Naturally, your body will avoid turning to the light during sleep.
Little changes for big benefits!
Practice this over and over again and it will become a habit to sleep on your left side.
Start tonight. It’s for your health!
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Simple Tips For Losing Weight While You Sleep

I don’t know if I told you this, but when I want to test some new approach, I always gain weight first.
It’s not something extreme. It’s just a few pounds that will help me finish the plan successfully.

It happened to me before. Sometimes I can’t explain how I lose weight while I sleep. I know it’s the water that comes out of my body, but the weight loss amount is not always the same.

My husband and I spent the weekend at home while our kids were visiting their grandparents.
I wanted to discover what happens to the body while we sleep. That’s how we came to a new Weightloss and exercising plan for me to share with my clients.

Simple Tips For Losing Weight While You Sleep

The approach is a mix of everything we did successfully so far.
When we were finishing the whole product, I came to these ways that will help you boost up the weight loss process while you sleep.

They are simple modifications you need to do in your lifestyle. The most important thing is that these changes will give you the hunger satisfaction when you most need it.
Here we go:

The Sleep Switch

Eat lamb or a little bit of turkey. Both meets are full with Tryptophan. It’s an amino acid with powerful sleep-inducing effects.

Tea Time

Soothing your brain with a nice cup of tea right before sleep will become a ritual and tell your brain that it’s time for a relaxation.

Whole Grains Lunch

Carb-y lunch will is always better than a carbs-rich dinner. The Serotonin converts to melatonin in your stage 3 REM sleep. Keep the carbs reserved for your lunch, says Cat Smiley, a Whistler Fitness Vacations owner and weight loss retreat for women.

Small Portions for Night Cravings

Eating a full-plate dinner won’t do good for you. Your body will spend the night working to digest all the food you ate. Keeping the dinner in smaller portions will help your body digest the food faster, and you will wake up rested.

Strict Kitchen Hours

No cooking time after 7 p.m. That’s the spirit. Now, lock the kitchen. Put a sticky note on the kitchen door or fridge that you are not allowed to eat food after 7 p.m.
For the sake of your weight and health.

Smoothie Up Things

It’s the breakfast for champions.


Making a mint water or sniffing mint every once in a while will suppress your bottomless appetite. A study published in the Journal of Neurological and Orthopedic Medicine showed people who sniffed peppermint every two hours lost an average of 5 pounds.

The cold

A study published in the Journal Diabetes indicates that blasting up the conditioner or lowering the heat in winter will attack the belly fat while we are asleep. The fat will be forced to keep your body warm by burning the fat stored in your stomach.

Lights off

Exposure to light during night lowers the chances of a late night sleep. A good night sleep and rested body are equal to weight loss.

Ditch the iPad

People who enjoy in the nighttime glow of their iPad or TV don’t get enough rest and suffer from poor habits. These habits lead to obesity.

Blackout Shades

Blocking the light coming from the outside will give you an advantage for falling asleep. Compromising the melatonin, the hormone that puts your body to sleep, with light will make it harder for your mind to shut down.

Nice and Hot Shower

It ensures a good night’s sleep by relieving tension and relaxing the muscles.

Skip the Chocolate

It’s a cacao product that contains caffeine and sugar. It prevents your body from shutting down when it needs to do that.

A Glass of Wine

Wine is your favorite healthy drink. However, having more than a glass of it will prevent your body from indulging Rapid Eye Movement cycle. Plus, it’s full of sugar that you don’t need in big doses.
There you have it. These are a few simple tips you can do to improve your weight loss.
Mixing it with a healthy lifestyle and exercises is your best chance to reach your weight loss goal.

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