An Amazing Natural Drink That Will Make You Look Younger

Some say it will keep you young forever.

I don’t agree much with that theory.
But I’ll tell you what I believe in.

Consuming this drink every day will make you look younger, vibrant and healthier.
Wait until you hear what ingredients are used for this drink.
They are all natural and with huge benefits for your health.
You need garlic, lemons and organic raw honey for this drink.
I think you need to know that the name of this drink is “Age Elixir”.
Even the name says it all.

So, here is what you need to prepare this drink:

  •      10 Cloves of Garlic
  •      Juice of 10 Lemons
  •      1 kg of Organic Honey
The preparation method is really simple.
Chop the garlic cloves into small pieces. Mix them with the lemon juice and honey.
Use a clean glass jar and leave it for 8 to 10 days.
After you take the mixture you need to consume 1 teaspoon every day.
Make sure you take one teaspoon early in the morning.
On an empty stomach!
Take the second dose (1 teaspoon) of this mixture before your last meal.

An Amazing Natural Drink That Will Make You Look Younger
Originally this mixture comes from the Tibetan medicine.
It is known as a powerful elixir that slows down the aging process.
As you can see, these ingredients are available all around us.
They are really affordable and healthy.
You can try this recipe and see what kind of results it will give you.
Right after you notice the first results, come here and share it with us.
Don’t hesitate to try it.
Do you think some of your friends want to know about this drink?

The Secret Guide To Natural Antidepressants

The emotional and physical symptoms such as loss of appetite,  emptiness, apathy, guilt, fatigue, anxiety, sadness, insomnia, muscle tension, headache are some of the symptoms of depression – one of the most common mental illness today.Because of the exhausting fast pace of life and frequent exposure to stressful situations many people occasionally experience the symptoms mentioned above. They take various drugs and antidepressants without consulting their doctor. Some of them may have the unpleasant side effects. Choosing natural antidepressants can reduce the unpleasant side effects.

It should be noted that herbal medicines are primarily used to treat depression of lower intensity. That’s why people with physical symptoms are advised first to consult a doctor. Also, people under any therapy should consult their doctor because some herbs can affect the usage of drugs. We present the most commonly used natural antidepressants that strengthen the nervous system.

Valerian as Natural Antidepressant

Valerian is the best known natural antidepressant. It is used against various psychological difficulties such as sleep disorders, anxiety, nervousness, and irritability. Valerian is used in the form of tea, tincture or capsules. It is often combined with other plants with a relaxing effect. This herb is not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, and children under 12. Don’t use valerian if you take other antidepressants prescribed by your doctor.

The most efficient tincture

In a glass bottle or jar, put  50 g crushed valerian root and cover it with  40% alcohol. Seal the mixture well and leave it in a warm place for 21 days. Strain, and put the liquid in a dark glass bottle and store in a cool place. Take 25 drops of tincture dissolved in a little water once or twice a day.

Valerian tea

Steep one teaspoonful of dried, and crushed valerian root in  2 dl near-boiling water and leave it covered for 30minutes. Strain the liquid and optionally sweeten it with honey.  Drink several times a day and before going to bed.  Since this plant has a bit of unpleasant smell, tea can be prepared in combination with other aromatic herbs.

St. John’s wort as Natural Antidepressant

There is real scientific evidence for the herb’s ability to treat mild to moderate depression. St. John’s wort is also used for anxiety and sleep disorders. With the regular and proper usage of St. John’s wort good mood will increase. This herb is used in the form of tea, tincture or oil.  The first effects from its usage are noticeable after 2-3 weeks. St John’s wort is well tolerated, although it may cause anxiety, dizziness, dry mouth,  headache, sexual dysfunction – all of which disappear when the herb has stopped being taken. People taking any other medicine should seek advice from a doctor before combining it with  St John’s wort. It does interact with certain conventional medicines. It is not recommended for children, or for women who are pregnant or lactating.

St John’s Wort Tea

Steep one teaspoonful of dried, and crushed flowers of St John’s Wort in  2,5 dl near-boiling water and leave it covered for 15 minutes. Strain the liquid and optionally sweeten it with honey.  Drink several times a day and before going to bed for six weeks.

Lavender as Natural Antidepressants

This herb is one with the most relaxing effects. Relaxing spa lavender oil provides restful sleep.  If you want instantly to remove sleeplessness, anxiety, migraine, headaches, nervousness, and irritability drink tea made from dried flowers. It also helps to alleviate depression. Don’t use lavender if you take other antidepressants prescribed by your doctor.

Lavender Tea

Steep two teaspoonfuls of lavender flowers in 2 dl near-boiling water and leave it covered for 10 minutes. Strain the liquid and optionally sweeten it with honey. Drink two cups a day, one of which before going to bed.

Melissa, Lemon balm or Lemongrass as Natural Antidepressants

Melissa is the most commonly used natural remedy for psychological problems. This herb has always been taken to lift the spirits. Lemon balm is a relaxing tonic for anxiety, mild depression, restlessness, and irritability. It reduces feelings of nervousness and panic and will often quieten a racing heart, being a valuable remedy for palpitations of a nervous origin. Melissa is also useful when over-anxiety is causing digestive problems such as nausea, colicky pains, and acidity. Herbalists especially emphasize the beneficial effects of tea balm in every case due to menstruation problems caused by stress. The best effect is achieved with a usage of fresh herbs.

Melissa Tea

Steep two tablespoonfuls of lemon balm in  ½ liter near-boiling water and leave them covered for 30 minutes. Strain the liquid and divide it into three doses. Drink throughout the day. It is recommended to drink unsweetened tea before a meal. You can sweeten the tea if you take it after a meal.

Chamomile as Natural Antidepressants

Chamomile for ages is used to treat mild forms of depression, because it relaxes, suppresses anxiety, anger, and fear. It is known that women in ancient centuries commonly took chamomile to relieve menstrual cramps. The use of chamomile raises the level of glycerin in the body, an amino acid that relaxes muscles and nerves. Cup of this herb tea before bed is the most popular natural remedy for insomnia. Chamomile can be used to treat anxiety in children.Do not use chamomile if taking anticoagulants.

Lime as Natural Antidepressants

Tea from this herb acts as a mild relaxant. Lime tea is among the herbal kinds of tea that you can consume in unlimited quantity. As a daily drink, it is recommended in cases of nervous tension, irritability, insomnia and physical discomfort caused by menopause. This relaxing tea has the same effect when added to water for bathing.

Hop as Natural Antidepressants

The extract of this herb acts effectively against milder depressive symptoms,  nausea, tension, insomnia. It contains a high percentage of hormones like estrogen and is recommended for women in menopause and to relieve premenstrual syndrome. Don’t use hop if you take other antidepressants prescribed by your doctor.

Hops tea

Steep two teaspoonfuls of flowers of hop in 2.5 dl near-boiling water and leave it covered for 10 minutes. Strain the liquid and drink in sips half an hour before bedtime. You can use linden honey as a sweetener.

Ginkgo biloba as Natural Antidepressants

Extract of Ginkgo biloba raises serotonin levels up to 33%. This herb stimulates blood flow to the brain and delays symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and depression caused by aging brain cells. It contributes to better utilization of oxygen which positively affects memory. Ginkgo expands blood vessels, improves peripheral arterial circulation and inhibits clot formation. Its flavonoids are extremely potent scavengers of free radicals. Ginkgo is ideal for long term use as it produces no side effect. However, large doses can cause diarrhea,  irritability, restlessness, nausea and vomiting. Minor rare side-effects have included stomach or intestinal upsets, headaches and allergic skin reactions. Ginkgo may interact with existing prescription drugs. It’s used when pregnant or breastfeeding is not recommended due to lack of research.


What to avoid

Try not to eat processed foods as well as foods that are high in saturated fat, hydrogenated fats, or sugar. It’s best to curb your alcohol consumption, too. All of these foods contain chemicals that can create disturbances in your body functions, particularly the production of brain chemicals that affect mood.
Eliminate caffeine, as it can aggravate anxiety symptoms. For some people, as little as 200 milligrams of caffeine—about 2 cups of brewed coffee—can cause rapid heartbeat, sweating, and shakiness. Remember, too, that caffeine is not limited to regular coffee; it’s also found in tea, chocolate, cocoa, and cola beverages. Even some over-the-counter medications contain caffeine.

What to eat

When you want to calm down, one of the best medicines is carbohydrates, and that includes complex carbs like potatoes, pasta, bread, beans, and cereal. Build your meals around fresh, nutrient-dense choices such as whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.
For the fastest temporary tranquility fix, eat nature’s sweet stuff—honey or sugar. Nature’s way of calming down the brain and relieving stress and anxiety may be surprising, although the remedy has been used for centuries. A taste of honey before going to bed was commonly recommended by our forefathers to bring on sleep.
The ancient Egyptians used onions to induce relaxation and sleep. There may be something to it. A  compound quercetin which is a  mild sedative is found in yellow and red onions.

Most Creative and Life-changing Beauty Hacks Every Woman Needs to Know

Today I’d like to share with you a fantastic roundup of 10 must-know beauty hacks that will show you how little it takes to look your best. The list consists of tips and tricks on how to get rid of wrinkles in minutes, how to hide and conceal a pimple, homemade natural remedies to get rid of white hair forever, the only way you should apply eye cream to your face and so on. This list would surely help you in every day’s beauty routine. So, scroll through these beauty hacks and learn some valuable and useful insider tips! This is a compilation of most creative and life-saving beauty hacks every woman needs to know.

Natural Hair Removal- Never Shave Or Wax Again with Sugar Hair Depilation Sugar Paste

Natural Hair Removal  Never Shave Or Wax Again with Sugar Hair Depilation Sugar Paste
If you are pretty much over shaving. You can learn how to make your own sugar wax used to remove unwanted hair. And you should never need to shave or wax again. What you need are 2 cups of sugar (white/granulated), 1/4 cup of fresh lemon juice, 1/4 cup of water and 2 cups of sugar. Check out the tutorial via trendfeed.

How To Quickly And Efficiently Remove Pigmented Spots On Face

How To Quickly And Efficiently Remove Pigmented Spots On Face?
Every woman hates pigmented spots on the face. It would cause many skin problems. Here we will share you a quick and efficient way to get rid of them. Check out the tutorial via beauty-total. If you want a really working product for removing age spot, this best selling dark spot remover from Amazon is highly recommend!

Cucumber Juice – Perfect Remedy To Get Rid Of Dark Circles

Cucumber juice – Perfect remedy to get rid of dark circles.

Peeled and squeezed the vegetable, and then put them on your eyes and let it act for 15 minutes. source.

The ONLY Way You Should Apply Eye Cream to Your Face

The ONLY Way You Should Apply Eye Cream to Your Face.
Learn the correct way to apply eye cream to your face via makeup.

Homemade Cream for Wrinkles Around The Mouth

4 life changing beauty hacks every woman needs to know

Say farewell to wrinkles around the mouth with this DIY cream. Recipes and tutorial via we love beauty. For an affordable and really working option to the anti wrinkle cream, this Retinol Cream from Amazon is is recommend!

Homemade Remedy to Get Rid of Cracked Heels

Homemade Remedy to Get Rid of Cracked Heels.
It’s easy to cause cracking of the skin when heels extend out overweight. Here is a good homemade remedy for you to get rid of cracked heels. See the recipes and tutorails via B Beauty Tips.

Natural Mask with Green Apple For Oily Skin

Natural Mask with Green Apple For Oily Skin.
Oil skin is a big skin problem for many girls. It is sticky and with lack of flexibility. Try this green apple natural mask. It works well for oily skin! Tutorial via Healthy Tricks.

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of White Hair Forever

Natural Remedies to Get Rid of White Hair Forever.
Looking for an effective way to get rid of white hair? You will be happy to meet with this natural remedies. See the recipes and tutorial via Beauty Remedies.

Remove Chin Blackheads in 10 seconds

Remove Chin Blackheads in 10 seconds.
The fastest method to get rid of blackheads from the chin in 10 seconds, using only 2 natural ingredients! These method is very fast, you don’t need money to apply it and doesn’t hurt. Recipes and tutorials via Healthy Tricks.

How To Hide And Conceal A Pimple In 1 Minute

How To Hide And Conceal A Pimple In 1 Minute.

An effective way to hide and conceal the red big pimple on your face using ice cube and eye drops. Tutorial via inspiring beauty tips.

How to Get rid of wrinkles in Minutes

How to Get rid of wrinkles in Minutes.
Tutorial via Women Ideas.

How To Remove Hair Dye Stains From Skin In Just 2 Minutes

How To Remove Hair Dye Stains From Skin In Just 2 Minutes.
When you dye your hair at home you’ll always spit a little hair dye on forehead or ears, which is difficult to remove. Here is a great way to remove hair dye stains from skin in just 2 minutes. Check out the tutorial via real beauty tips.

Turmeric Face Mask Recipe: Put an End To Dark Spots, Acne and Discolored Skin and Look Years Younger

Turmeric Face Mask Recipe: Put an End To Dark Spots, Acne and Discolored Skin and Look Years Younger.
Check out the tutorial via explorehealthyfood.

The Most Powerful Natural Antibiotic

If you want to learn how to make amazing antibiotic which kills infections all over your body, this is the right article for you!
Every single body in the world has at least one infection, but that doesn`t mean that you should always treat it with antibiotics. These days there is a lot of healthier ways to deal with the infection.
To make this remedy will not affect your time at all, it`s very easy to make, and it`s very fast and the best part it will help you look younger and will kill the infection in no time.
The first step to make it work properly, it`s to make sure your immune system is very strong. Prepare to say the last words to your infections!

Press This Area On Your Chest To Relieve Anxiety & Stress Instantly

What ingredients do you need :
  • 3 Cups of apple cider vinegar
  • ¼ cup of chopped garlic
  • ¼ cup of chopped onion
  • 2 fresh chili pappers
  • ¼ cup of blended ginger
  • 2 teaspoons of turmeric
  • 3 teaspoons of honey
  • How to prepare:
    1. Put everything in the bowl; only the vinegar let it a side.
    2. Put the mixture in a jar.
    3. 2/3 of the jar should be full of ingredients, and the rest fill it with vinegar.
    4. Close the jar and shake it for a couple of minutes.
    5. Make sure that the jar is in a cold place and keep it dry for 14 days. Shake it once or twice a day.
    6. After two weeks, remove the liquid. We suggest you squeeze it.
    Keep it in the fridge for the next 6 weeks. Take one or more tablespoons couple of times a day.

An Ancient Method Gives Effective Results If You Need Relief

Don’t worry. It happens to everyone.

The holidays were crowded. Lots of friends and familiar faces walked in and out of your house.
You were surrounded with people 24/7. The holiday season is over now. All of them are back at their hometown and back to work.

This shook things a little bit. You kind of feel empty or depressed. Yesterday your house was full with guests and now it’s empty.

Don’t got so much into that. It could really give you bad thoughts.
You don’t want to be drawn down there where the light is so far away.
There is a thing you can try to feel relieved from depression, anxiety, and sadness and even settle your nerves down.

It comes from ancient times. Yep. It involves acupuncture. This healing therapy comes from Japan. It’s known as “Jin Shin Jyutsu”.

An Ancient Method Gives Effective Results If You Need Relief
This healing therapy is used to treat depression, anxiety, sciatica, chronic neck and back pain, PTSD, and many more.

Mary Burmesiter is the first one that brought this method into the US. She decided to learn this method and traveled to Japan. She met with Jiro Murai, an expert in this field.

In the video that you will see below, you will learn everything you need to know about this practice. It requires a small amount of energy, but it can help you a lot.

Here is the video:
What do you think?
Discuss this with your friends. See if someone has heard about this. It could turn out to be pretty beneficial

An Effective 5-Day Diet That Will Prevent Serious Diseases

There are lots of diets that will make you lose weight. In case you didn’t know, there are diets that protect you from diseases.

You’ll probably claim that you don’t need protection, but with the way you are dieting, you definitely need some changes.

You can talk to many healthy people. Hear and see all the benefits from a healthy diet.
I know this title says it’s a 5-day diet. It’s more like your whole life diet. It doesn’t say which foods you need to eat. It’s your free choice as long as you keep it within the allowed borders.

What’s the biggest struggle when it comes to a healthy diet?

From what I saw during my years of experience as a nutritionist, people struggle to keep the healthy habits.

As soon as they lose weight, they return to their previous lifestyles. After that, they claim that dieting doesn’t work.

Does this sound familiar?
It’s not only that they will return to their previous weight, they will expose themselves to various diseases.

How does diet help you stay healthy?

No one wants to “get sick” from those life-threatening diseases.

But still, when you are told that this food or that food increases the chances of a certain disease, you refuse to leave it out of your diet.

The healthy diet, or lifestyle if you prefer, contains all the things your body needs to be healthy.

An Effective 5-Day Diet That Will Prevent Serious Diseases
There are foods that will make your metabolism work as a newly bought car. If you treat it badly, it will get rusty and broken.

The healthy foods contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, carbs, and everything else you need to keep those diseases away.

There are many diets like this one. One of the most effective ones is the Fasting Mimicking Diet.
Do you want to know more about it?

From all the people who shared and talk about this diet, I can only see positive things.

Discipline and sticking to the plan is crucial. So before I tell you what it is, you need to promise yourself that you are going to make this your habit and lifestyle.

What’s the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)

This diet mimics fasting and you have to follow it for 5 days each month in order to see the effects.
Wanting to know more about this, a team of researchers has developed FMD. They believe this diet could make a crucial change in your lifestyle.
An Effective 5-Day Diet That Will Prevent Serious Diseases
Following the order of this diet will lead to improving your overall health.
Therefore, the FMD will construct a wall that diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and diabetes won’t be able to cross.

Okay, that’s really interesting, but how do I perform FMD?

The approach is really simple. You just need to make a plan about what you will eat.

The researchers didn’t pay attention too much on telling you what foods you need to eat.

They kept it basic.

Here is what you need to focus on:


  •      10% protein
  •      34% carbs
  •      56% fat
Total intake 1,090 calories.

DAY 2 to 5

  •      9% protein
  •      47% carbs
  •      44% fat
Total intake 725 calories

An Effective 5-Day Diet That Will Prevent Serious
As you can see it’s not really tough to deal with it. It’s really restricted with calories.

The best thing about this is that it lasts for 5 days. Yes, you’ve read it right.

Only 5 days every month. The rest of the days you can continue eating regularly.

This scares me a little bit because it says that after the 5 days period, you can eat whatever you like.

I really don’t know about that. If you decide to try this diet, I would advise you to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Eat whatever you like within the healthy food borders.

But of course, that’s my opinion. I encourage you to try this as it says and see if it works.

I love when I’m proved wrong about something.

Wait, there is more.

What do the researchers have to say about this diet? Does it work?

According to them, this diet is really effective.
They claim the FMD reduces calorie intake from 34 to 54% of normal calorie consumption in average people.

It has been tested on 38 people. They were divided into 2 smaller groups.

The first group performed the FMD while the second group ate normally.

The conclusion discovered that the first group had a vivid decrease in their IGF-1.

IGF-1 is also known as one of the major hormones linked to cancer and aging.

It makes sense to me. It really does. I’m not so sure about what to eat for the other 25/6 days after this 5-days diet ends.

More research is needed for this diet. We saw the promising results, but I feel like something is missing.

Do You Have an Acidic Body? – Here is How to Alkalize It!

Most of you don’t know you have one. Acidic bodies are unhealthy bodies.

They are vulnerable to many diseases. Everything is caused by the unhealthy habits people have.
For those who don’t know, acidic body occurs when your kidneys and lungs can regulate your body’s pH balance.
When your body is like that, your body turns in a playground where many bacteria, illnesses, and yeast hang out.
And you don’t want that picture in your mind.
When your body is “enjoying” too much acid, it does everything just to keep it out.
With you not helping it during the process, it squeezes minerals from all organs just to fight it off.
This is too bad because those organs learn how to live with the small amount of some useful minerals.
It’s unknown when they will quit doing that. You don’t want to test their limits.
Most of you don’t pay much attention to this. That’s why you end up sick all the time.
Continuing to consume acid-forming foods won’t do you good.

Do You Have an Acidic Body? - Here is How to Alkalize It!
On the contrary, your body will continue to grow its acidic levels to some point when it will not be able to handle them without your help.

What happens when the acidic level is too high?

If you are still avoiding to control the acidic level in your body, there are some problems that could occur.
Your pH balance will fall down poorly and this is where diseases like
  •      Inflamed sensitive gums
  •      Immune deficiency
  •      Sciatica
  •      Respiratory problems
  •      Yeast fungal overgrowth
  •      Low energy
  •      Cardiovascular damage
  •      Heart problems (arrhythmias and high heart rate)
  •      Weight gain
  •      Bladder and several kidney infections
  •      Premature aging
  •      Accelerated free radical damage
  •      Headaches
  •      Diarrhea
  •      Nausea
  •      Joint pain
  •      Allergies
  •      Osteoporosis
will happen, eventually.
Sometimes get confused about some information. People claim that doctors said the body balances the pH on its own. And they strongly live by that.
It does. No one will tell you otherwise. However, it comes with a price tag.
Your blood does a big part here. For the body to get the proper digestion and get the acid waste ready to be taken out of your body, your blood takes the alkaline elements from the other systems.
That’s how the other organs in your system become weaker in order to save your digestion.
You win some you lose some.
In this case, you lose more. Your blood does its part to save your digestion, but the other organs are losing their alkaline properties and become vulnerable.
Remember – your body has limits, too!
You need to understand when it’s the proper time to say that this is enough. Everything in this world has its own limit.
We kind of forget about our body when we speak about limits. Going across them can be the least thing you want to do.
The path that you will need in order to come back could be lost forever.
Food intake plays a huge role here. If the diet is rich with acidic foods, your body becomes more acidic.
If you eat too many alkaline foods, then your body becomes too alkaline. That’s not good as well. But it’s harder to become too alkaline.
So, what’s the key here? – Balance.
Do You Have an Acidic Body? - Here is How to Alkalize It!
You have to understand that your body is a temple. Leaving it to work all alone will make it rusty. The base will get rusty and it could fall down.
To prevent that you need to know how it responds to certain foods.
In one of my posts, I shared with you some foods that will help you improve the alkaline levels and bring balance.
If you haven’t started using them, now it’s the perfect time to start doing that.
Is there an evidence that alkaline diet works for the pH levels?
Of course there is. The study shows that…
Do You Have an Acidic Body? - Here is How to Alkalize It!
Except eating food, you need to ditch some old habits and start making new ones if you want to do the right thing.
Here are some simple habits you need to develop to improve your alkalinity:
  •     Test your pH levels on regular basis
  •      Drink water
  •      Remove acidic foods from your diet
  •      Replace your unhealthy lunch with a green salad
  •      Use lettuce leaves and collard greens as wraps
  •      Ditch processed foods
  •      Eliminate sugary food and sugary drinks
  •      Replace dairy milk with almond or coconut milk
  •      Add green smoothies to your diet.
You are what you eat. You need to start living by this quote.
I think you need to share this with your friends. They need to know more about their acidic bodies.

Healthy Drink: Ginger Water For Weight Loss Matter

Did I mention how important is to drink water when you are trying to lose weight?

I know I’ve said it hundreds of times, but I want you to know that I will do that a hundred more until you all start to drink more water.
Water’s taste is really boring. It does not have anything that will keep you attached. That’s the whole trick, though.
Water keeps you hydrated and makes sure all of the unhealthy things are being flushed out of your body.
If water is too boring for you, I have something else that isn’t.
You knew I have something, didn’t you?
I always have.
Now, this new drink I would love you to try is called “ginger water”. It contains this magical ingredient that helps you fight off the extra fat.
The minimum amount of ginger water per day is a liter. But you are not going to be satisfied with that, right? You always tend to drink more.
So, for a start, let’s target 1½ liter of ginger water.

Why ginger?

Ginger has the ability to protect your body. It’s packed with so many benefits that you will get tired if you start reading them all.
To make things short, I found this amazing infographic that will help you understand the purpose of ginger.
Healthy Drink: Ginger Water For Weight Loss Matter
Now, the recipe for ginger water. It’s really simple and it won’t require a big effort from your side.
  •      1½ Water
  •      Ginger (cut in pieces)
  •      Wake up
  •      Put the water to boil for 20 minutes
  •      Add the pieces of ginger
Drink this water during the day. You will find the taste hard to swallow, but you will get used to it.
Remember to prepare new ginger water every day. Do not make large amounts or leave it overnight.
Fresh is always good!
Share this with your friends. Ginger water is good for everybody!


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