An Effective 5-Day Diet That Will Prevent Serious Diseases

There are lots of diets that will make you lose weight. In case you didn’t know, there are diets that protect you from diseases.

You’ll probably claim that you don’t need protection, but with the way you are dieting, you definitely need some changes.

You can talk to many healthy people. Hear and see all the benefits from a healthy diet.
I know this title says it’s a 5-day diet. It’s more like your whole life diet. It doesn’t say which foods you need to eat. It’s your free choice as long as you keep it within the allowed borders.

What’s the biggest struggle when it comes to a healthy diet?

From what I saw during my years of experience as a nutritionist, people struggle to keep the healthy habits.

As soon as they lose weight, they return to their previous lifestyles. After that, they claim that dieting doesn’t work.

Does this sound familiar?
It’s not only that they will return to their previous weight, they will expose themselves to various diseases.

How does diet help you stay healthy?

No one wants to “get sick” from those life-threatening diseases.

But still, when you are told that this food or that food increases the chances of a certain disease, you refuse to leave it out of your diet.

The healthy diet, or lifestyle if you prefer, contains all the things your body needs to be healthy.

An Effective 5-Day Diet That Will Prevent Serious Diseases
There are foods that will make your metabolism work as a newly bought car. If you treat it badly, it will get rusty and broken.

The healthy foods contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, healthy fats, carbs, and everything else you need to keep those diseases away.

There are many diets like this one. One of the most effective ones is the Fasting Mimicking Diet.
Do you want to know more about it?

From all the people who shared and talk about this diet, I can only see positive things.

Discipline and sticking to the plan is crucial. So before I tell you what it is, you need to promise yourself that you are going to make this your habit and lifestyle.

What’s the Fasting Mimicking Diet (FMD)

This diet mimics fasting and you have to follow it for 5 days each month in order to see the effects.
Wanting to know more about this, a team of researchers has developed FMD. They believe this diet could make a crucial change in your lifestyle.
An Effective 5-Day Diet That Will Prevent Serious Diseases
Following the order of this diet will lead to improving your overall health.
Therefore, the FMD will construct a wall that diseases such as cancer, heart diseases and diabetes won’t be able to cross.

Okay, that’s really interesting, but how do I perform FMD?

The approach is really simple. You just need to make a plan about what you will eat.

The researchers didn’t pay attention too much on telling you what foods you need to eat.

They kept it basic.

Here is what you need to focus on:


  •      10% protein
  •      34% carbs
  •      56% fat
Total intake 1,090 calories.

DAY 2 to 5

  •      9% protein
  •      47% carbs
  •      44% fat
Total intake 725 calories

An Effective 5-Day Diet That Will Prevent Serious
As you can see it’s not really tough to deal with it. It’s really restricted with calories.

The best thing about this is that it lasts for 5 days. Yes, you’ve read it right.

Only 5 days every month. The rest of the days you can continue eating regularly.

This scares me a little bit because it says that after the 5 days period, you can eat whatever you like.

I really don’t know about that. If you decide to try this diet, I would advise you to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Eat whatever you like within the healthy food borders.

But of course, that’s my opinion. I encourage you to try this as it says and see if it works.

I love when I’m proved wrong about something.

Wait, there is more.

What do the researchers have to say about this diet? Does it work?

According to them, this diet is really effective.
They claim the FMD reduces calorie intake from 34 to 54% of normal calorie consumption in average people.

It has been tested on 38 people. They were divided into 2 smaller groups.

The first group performed the FMD while the second group ate normally.

The conclusion discovered that the first group had a vivid decrease in their IGF-1.

IGF-1 is also known as one of the major hormones linked to cancer and aging.

It makes sense to me. It really does. I’m not so sure about what to eat for the other 25/6 days after this 5-days diet ends.

More research is needed for this diet. We saw the promising results, but I feel like something is missing.


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