How To Check if Your Organs Work Properly in 60 Seconds

Home tricks like these can always help you see if everything is working properly in your body.

However, even if this test shows results that you will like or not, you need to check the condition with your doctor for further confirmations.
My point here is to don’t jump to conclusions. These tests could be wrong as much as they can be true.
So, how to check if your respiratory system, hormones, intestines, kidney, metabolism, or teeth are working smoothly?
It’s so simple. You just need a plastic bag, a spoon, and your tongue.
Scrape a little buildup from the surface of your tongue. Be careful while doing that because you won’t want to scratch it and cause pain.
How To Check if Your Organs Work Properly in 60 Seconds
Scrape the area that’s closer to the throat.
Wrap the spoon in the plastic bag and let it stand for sixty seconds under a strong, light bulb. The stronger the light, the better the result.

The Results

If the deposit remains clean, it means you are healthy. It should be clean without strange color or odor.
If the deposit stinks and has a weird dark color, you need to visit the doctor. It could mean you have a problem with your lungs, intestines, hormones, or kidney.
Don’t panic right away. Strange odor doesn’t mean you have an internal problem right away. It could be a problem with your teeth.
Cavities or splintered teeth could also cause bad odor.


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