How To Check Your Thyroid Using Mirror and a Glass of Water

For me, the thyroid is a big mystery for most of the women. They don’t know where it is until they feel some problems in the throat.

Your doctor is the one telling you that you have some signs of a thyroid disease.
The thyroid gland is in a form of a butterfly located at the beginning of your neck. It produces hormones that affect all of your body systems.
When abnormality of these hormones reflects on the condition of your body. When there is an excess of thyroid hormones, you feel hyperactive. When these hormones are absent, you are feeling weak and dizzy.
It’s messed up.
This gland itself is exposed to risks and attracts various diseases.
How To Check Your Thyroid Using Mirror and a Glass of Water
If you wonder what’s happening with your thyroid gland and how it works in your body, you can perform a regular check up using only a mirror and a glass of water.


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