This is What HAPPENS to Your Body Within an HOUR of Drinking a Glass of Coke

I sure want to live a healthy life, do you?

People don’t pay a lot of attention to this mainly because they have busy lives.
Or maybe this is only their excuse?
There are no excuses if you want to spend your lifetime as a healthy person and teach your kids to do the same.
I was an addict to Coca Cola. I drank it more than water.

This is What HAPPENS to Your Body Within an HOUR of Drinking a Glass of Coke
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When I decided to cut the sugar level in my diet it was time to replace the coke with water and natural drinks.
By natural drinks I mean beverages made with raw fruit and vegetables.
Reading what soda did to my body I stopped drinking it immediately.
I sometimes miss the cooling effect I get from ice-cold soda, but there is nothing better than water.
Drinking soda like you drink now is wrong in many, I mean, MANY ways.
First things first…let’s take a look what happens within the hour after you drink a glass of cola.
10 minutes:
The sugar kicks in. Approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar are in your system now.
100% of your daily intake is already taken. You don’t vomit because you are already covered in sweat and the phosphoric acid cuts the flavor.

20 minutes:
The blood sugar is calling you on line 1.
It doesn’t matter if you answer the call or ignore it the liver will respond for you.
Its job is to process the massive amount of sugar you just took into fat.
Yes… fat.
40 minutes:
Congratulations the caffeine is 100% in your system.
You can see your pupils dilate and feel the blood pressure rising.
The liver is working so fast that it dumps more and more sugar into your bloodstream.
45 minutes:
Your body now stimulates all the brain pleasure centers by increasing dopamine production.
You might have read this reaction.
Oh yeah… it’s the same response to the reaction of heroin.
60 minutes:
You are on the very beginning of a sugar crash.

This is What HAPPENS to Your Body Within an HOUR of Drinking a Glass of Coke
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This feels familiar?
The look on your face is priceless. You finally got an explanation of those reactions you felt within an hour of drinking a glass of cola.
For those who want to know more about a can of cola, you should read this.
– Phosphoric Acid
It prevents the ability of the body to use calcium, which could lead to softening the teeth and bones. Osteoporosis could be on its way.
– Sugar

You already know what sugar does to your body, but here I go again.
High blood pressure, heart diseases, high cholesterol, weight gain, diabetes and other negative side effects.
– Aspartame
This chemical is mostly used as a sugar substitute in the diet or no-sugar soda you love to drink so much.
More than 100 different side effects that can do hard damage on your health are associated with aspartame.
– Caffeine
Large intake of caffeine could do some damage to your body, too.
High blood pressure, insomnia, vitamin and mineral depletion, birth defects, breast lumps, etc. are some of the side effects your body suffers.
The large consumption of Coke and other soft drinks you can find everywhere could lead to serious damaging of your health.
You are working so hard to keep your health on a high level.
Don’t let your unhealthy habit ruin your body.


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