STOP Getting Sick Following These 7 Easy Tips

Summer just started and there you are on the bed!
Lying helpless.
Sneezing. Your eyes are teary. A bad cough is on the way.
Your body feels like you’ve been run over a train.
Don’t you hate when this happens?
Oh my god, the thought about others enjoying the beach tears you apart.
And you are just lying there drinking hot tea.
There are lots of theories why you got sick.
I bet you’ve heard them all.
My grandmother used to say that I was walking around naked or barefoot and got sick.
Nice theory grandma.
I loved her because of her theories.
With all those theories why you got this annoying cold, nobody told you how to avoid this.
STOP Getting Sick Following These 7 Easy Tips
You are at the right place.
There is something you can do to avoid getting sick all the time.
They all boost your immune system.
Making it very powerful and resistant will do the trick.
Prepare for some easy changes.
Remember that doing this won’t harm you. It will help you big time.
  1. Turn your focus to Vitamin D

If you test your vitamin D levels you’ll get surprised.
Most people really lack this vitamin. Especially when it’s winter.
Your levels should be above 50 mg/ml in order to enjoy its benefits.
Anything below that is harmful.
If the Vitamin D level is lower that means a limit to your immune system and hormone balance.
Shortly said, you will get frequent colds.
We all know the sun is the best source for vitamin D.
STOP Getting Sick Following These 7 Easy Tips
Get out as much as you can while the sun is up there.
Don’t forget your sunscreen.
But, what you are going to do when the sun is not so often out there?
Your best guess would probably be: We take vitamin D rich pills?
There are many natural sources of vitamin D that your head will blow.
Don’t you know what are those? – Check this out
Turn to a healthy diet, increase your Vitamin D and stay away of getting colds.
  1. Garlic power!
Garlic scares the cold away.
Yes, it has superpowers!
Not only that it treats sickness, but also boosts your immune system.
Again, this doesn’t mean to use those garlic pills and capsules.
That’s something processed and you don’t know what’s in there.
Use garlic in your food.
It gives an awesome flavor! Use it fresh or in powder form.
You will wake up the cook in you!
Plus, it is great for increasing your libido!
STOP Getting Sick Following These 7 Easy Tips
  1. Kombucha tea, Kefir…
How will I drink tea during these hot days?
Have you tried putting a few ice cubes in tea?
Kombucha tea is fermented tea. Fermented means naturally effervescent.
It contains many friendly probiotics that will make your immune system stronger.
Put it like this. Kombucha tea bolsters your levels of good orgasms.
It forms like a Chinese Wall against all the pathogens from the things you ingest.
Search for Kombucha tea at your favorite healthy food store.
Same goes for Kefir.
STOP Getting Sick Following These 7 Easy Tips
Kefir is cultured/fermented dairy drink used for many years.
You probably weren’t born when people started using it.
The magic in Kefir is in its huge source of probiotics. It’s bigger than Kombucha’s.
However, use them both because variety is definitely important when it comes to probiotics.
In fact, here is a better picture of Kefir.
People claim they drink Kombucha tea and Kefir right after they feel the sickness coming in.
  1. Green tea, Chamomile Tea, Other teas
People really drink tea when they are sick for a reason.
The green tea and chamomile tea might have a small effect.
However, they are both rich with antioxidants that can be found in these herbs only.
A cup of green or chamomile tea in the morning with raw honey didn’t harm anybody!
  1. Focus on antioxidants
They are really important for your overall health.
Antioxidants can give an enormous support to the immune system.
Go to the grocery store and load up the cart with antioxidant-rich fruits, berries, organic cocoa, veggies, teas and red wine.
Yeah, red wine. Did you catch my red wine post?
It helps!
Let’s see some foods that are full with these antioxidants. Shall we?
STOP Getting Sick Following These 7 Easy Tips
Now you don’t have any more excuses for eating fruit and vegetables.
  1. Light exercising
I said light.
Every time someone mentions exercise you think of time.
This time, please pay attention to light exercising.
I usually recommend medium to high-intensity workouts.
So, you are welcome!
Now, light exercise means something else when it comes to sickness.
It’s not really a good idea to exploit your body to intense workout.
It needs to recover later.
The recovery of the body is not going so well when you are sick.
Go outside for a walk. Light run. Maybe hiking or yoga.
STOP Getting Sick Following These 7 Easy Tips
For the lazy ones, for those who don’t exercise.
Again, I said light workout.
It means 15 or 20 minutes a day.
You have 24 hours. Don’t make excuses.
Get the circulation going.
It will make you feel good and help the body fight off all sorts of diseases.
  1. Avoid processed foods, wheat-based foods and sweetened soft drinks
If you seriously want to improve your health, this is an important rule.
No one tells you should ditch them completely off your life.
There are days called “cheat days”.
Get freaky on this day, but the next day continue with your healthy diet.
Everybody gets sick.
My job here is to try to reduce that to a minimum.
If you get sick you don’t want to “bombard” your body with cheat meals.
They are full with fructose, fat, inflammatory oils, refined sugars, etc.
While you eat these foods, you are making your body work hard to process them.
You already feel exhausted, you don’t need this.
STOP Getting Sick Following These 7 Easy Tips
Instead, you need some unprocessed foods.
Foods that will get you up on your feet. Something that will give you energy!
Here are some energy boosters that you might need:
See how I didn’t put any unhealthy food right there?
Oh yeah, you can’t see any energy drinks, too. They are full with sugars.
It was a hell of a journey, but we came to the end.
These 7 easy tips will go a long way helping you.
You will fight off sickness right when it begins.
Or better, it will protect you from getting sick in the first place.
I have detox water beside me while I’m writing this so…
Cheers to a healthy body!


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