Herbal Tea Recipes For Liver Cleansing And Recharging

The best way to cleanse the liver is by drinking herbal tea. During the whole year, the liver is filled with toxins. The best time for its cleansing and rejuvenation is spring-summer, the time of fresh plants. They act powerfully and are available and easy to use. But, first of all, you need to know which plants should be used in order to get the best mixture for detoxification. There is a herbal formulation for the liver, specified by a herbalist in Colorado, Brigitte Mars, and is called “Puri-Tea”. It consists of the following plants:
  • Peppermint, licorice, fennel and red clover;
  • Oregon grape root, dandelion, cleavers, and burdock root;
  • Nettles, chickweed, butternut bark, and parsley root.
Another Herbal Tea Mixture is:
  • Fenugreek with Fennel Seed;
  • Licorice Root (1/4 part) with Flax Seed (1 part);
  • Peppermint (1 part) with Burdock (1/4 part).
Herbal Tea for Detoxification:
  • Dandelion root, Yellow Dock Root, and Licorice root;
  • Hyssop, Red sage and Sarsaparilla;
  • Milk Thistle Seed, Pau d’Arco, and Parsley leaf.
Another way to cleanse the liver is Milk Thistle Seed. In already prepared herbal tea add 2-3 drops of extract of Milk Thistle Seed. It improves the taste and quality. 

Herbal Tea Benefits
The benefits of the already mentioned plants are the following:
  • cleavers – acts as an anti-infection
  • yellow dock root – except for cleansing, it boosts the white cell formation
  • pau d’arco – cleansing, and forming of white cell formation
  • nettles – rich in minerals and blood cleanser
  • fenugreek – helps to eliminate toxins and mucus in the body
  • milk thistle seed – cleansing and building
  • fennel seed – helps in white cell formation, as for acid/alkaline balancing
  • peppermint – helps as a body cleanser and toner
  • red clover –it acts as a blood purifier
  • licorice – good for adrenal stimulation
  • dandelion – for cleansing and strengthening
  • Oregon grape root – it is used for cleansing and building
  • burdock root – great for purifying
These herbal teas can be bought in every health food store. All you need to do is to buy ½ or 1 oz. of each herb. Mix one big spoon of the mix, in a large glass bowl (mason jar). Mix it up and the tea is ready for consuming. Read also: What Causes for Colon Cleanse To Be So Important?

Preparing The Herbal Tea

Boil 1 1/4 cup of water. Add 1 big spoon of the herbal mix. Leave it aside for 10-15 minutes. Leach and leave it to get cold. Drink 1 glass before breakfast and 1 glass before dinner for about 2 months. The detoxification is guaranteed!!!


Source:   https://everydayhealthyfood.com


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