How to Grow Eyebrows Fast Using Green Tea

 For a long time, green tea has been used to maintain good health. In Asian countries, especially in China, it is known as "the beverage of eternal youth"  because of its benefits. 

But did you know that green tea is also largely used in hair products because of its antioxidant properties, that are linked not only to hair growth but also as a way to counter hair loss? Did you know that? 

So, in today's video, we will show you a homemade recipe to make your eyebrows grow thicker and fuller. 

Thanks to its antioxidant action, green tea, when applied on the hair, helps with the growth and strengthening of hair follicles, which are responsible for the growth of new hair, both in your head and eyebrows. Isn't it amazing? 

If your eyebrows are irregular and you are thinking about giving microblading a shot, see how green tea can help you! 

Try it and share with us your experience of using green tea to naturally fill your eyebrows.


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