Supercharge Your Health With This Powerful Lemon Water Recipe

 Warm water, lemon, glutamine, and propolis. Do you know why this combination works? 

You surely have heard about the benefits of drinking  warm water and lemon during your fast, haven't you? 

If you still don't know why this powerful combination is beneficial, you can learn more about it by watching the suggested video on our channel. 

But, besides warm water and lemon, today you will learn how important it is to add glutamine and propolis to this amazing mixture! 

Learn a little more about the ingredients:

Lemon improves digestion, increases immunity, has anti-inflammatory properties and great detox power. 

Propolis has antiseptic and protective effects, inhibits the proliferation of undesired microorganisms, both in the beehive and the human body. 

Glutamine lutamine works as a fuel to the cells of our immune system, and in its lack, the immune system weakens. Glutamine also affects the metabolization of proteins, being very important for people who want to gain muscle mass. 

The combination of these ingredients can promote  some benefits to our body, such as cleaning the intestine and improving its health, detoxing the liver, prevention of colds and flu, and improvement of blood circulation. 

Do you want to know how to make this drink?

Watch the video to learn the recipe!


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