How to shape perfect brows – permanent brows – microblading & powder ombre

Just like recently I had a blond crush, and am still thinking of going blonde. I have now decided to have my brows micro-blended or actually have a permanent powder ombre brows done. In this post, I wanted to share with you my favorite inspirations. If I like my brows I will share the results and where I am doing the procedure.

How to pick the right person to do your eyebrows

As I was looking at the amazingly shaped brows on the internet I started thinking about what does it take to get the perfect brows and how to pick the right person for the job.

At first, you need to have someone who understands different shapes and doesn’t force you to have the shape they personally like. The last time I went to have the wax and tint done and it didn’t end well. The lady decided that wide brows are the most beautiful so she decided to pigment my forehead. It looked awful, good it was only henna, so I had it gone in 3 days or so, but the scary thing was, she was doing permanent brows as well. It’s like with a hairdresser when you just want to trim the ends and come back with 5 inches shorter hair.

So here is what I found as the tutorial for picking the perfect brow artist.

Brows can change everything – If someone does not understand that, you should be as far from their chair as possible.

There are a lot of shapes and thickness levels, and the one below hardly covers a percentage of it.



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