Blind dad has never seen wife and baby, breaks down when glasses let him see for first time

Loving husband and father Gene from Denver is practically blind. He was diagnosed when he was sixteen years with a rare eyesight aberration, Stargardt’s disease. Basically, that means that Gene can’t focus on things and can only see bits and pieces of the world, in a constant blurry state.
Luckily, Gene can rely on his smartphone with a zoom function to read books and he doesn’t let Stargardt disease take control of his life. He even enjoys cooking and his wife Joy mentions that he’s a much better cook than herself.

Source: eSight, Rachael Ray

For over 21 years, Gene hasn’t been able to see his family, his parents, his wife and his newborn baby boy Lincoln, but that suddenly changed when Gene was given a high-tech set of glasses which would help him regain his eyesight.
His wife Joy recalls how the two lovebirds met. She was quite literally waving for attention, but Gene simply couldn’t see it. When he said he was blind, Joy offered to sit next to him and the spark of love quickly did the rest.

Source: eSight, Rachael Ray

This heartwarming moment of Gene seeing his wife and son happened thanks to The Rachael Ray Show. Joy notices that Rachel had helped someone else with Stargardt’s, so she reached out to her and wrote a letter hoping she could help her husband as well.
It didn’t take long before Gene, Joy and Lincoln were invited on the set of the television program, and Gene received a pair of eSight glasses. The goggles use cameras and high-definition displays centered at the retina to allow Gene to have a much better focus and view which is similar to normal eyesight.

Source: eSight, Rachael Ray

“I literally began shaking and crying for the next hour or more at the thought of my husband being able to see my face for the first time, to see our son for the first time,” Joy wrote in her letter.
When Gene finally puts on the glasses and sees his family for the first time, both he and his wife immediately get very emotional. The first thing he said when he laid eyes on Joy were “She’s pretty.” Gene also finally got to see his one-year-old son and his parents for the first time in 21 years.
What a heartwarming moment for a fantastic family!
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Source: eSight


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