Dad And Family Of 5 Live In School Bus Transformed Into A Comfortable Home

Tired of spending exorbitant amounts of money on their apartment rent, Brian and Starla Sullivan decided to to something rather unconventional when it came time to renew their apartment contract. “We are ridiculous people and this is a ridiculous lifestyle, and it just works,” said Starla Sullivan.

Source: Barcroft TV / YouTube

Rather than re-signing the lease or finding a new apartment that better suited their needs, Brian and Starla decided to buy an old, out of commission school bus for two thousand eight hundred dollars. Unwilling to live somewhere that was a constant reminder that it was actually a vehicle, Brian and Starla invested a little over thirty thousand dollars in transforming the bus into a mini house.
Parents of Charlie, 3, Henry, 2, and Lincoln who was just three months old, the Sullivan family had their work cut out for them if they wanted to truly transform this bus into a home. Installing a living room and a fully functional kitchen, including an oven and fireplace, the bus became as homey as ever.

Starla wanted to be sure the kids had a true bathtub to use, so she had a metal one installed in the bus. At least for now, the bathtub is a perfect fit for Henry, Charlie, and Lincoln. To make sure things are staying clean and tidy, the bus is even outfitted with a full size washing machine.

Source: Barcroft TV / YouTube

When Starla first suggested the idea of moving into a bus to Brian, he jokingly said yes thinking she was only kidding. When Starla made it clear that she was actually seriously, the couple decided to look seriously into the possibility of this potential project.
Buying the bus three years back from a local dealership, Brian and Starla began investing their time, money, and effort into making this bus based home a reality. After a lot of hard work and many long days and nights filled with challenges from every direction, the Sullivan family finally created a home for themselves using this old bus.

Source: Barcroft TV / YouTube

Since moving into this bus, they pay a mere five hundred dollars a month for rent, compared to the fifteen hundred dollar rent they were paying for their tiny apartment. Not only does rent cost a third of what they were originally paying, but other expenses like utilities have also decreased massively, allowing Brian and Starla to focus their funds on paying off student loans.
Sometimes the least conventional ideas produce the best results. In this case, Brian and Starla did something most people would never even consider, but in thinking outside the box, they created and affordable and unique living experience for their whole family.
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