How to Remove Age Spots with Frankincense Oil

Did you know that 90% of women suffer from dark spots on their skin? 

Skin spots are usually caused by an unequal production of melanin, the main protein responsible for the color of skin and hair. 

When exposed to the sun without any protection, melanin reacts by darkening the skin, which causes dark spots. 

Besides that, hormones can also cause spots, as is the case with some birth control pills

  or the spots that appear during pregnancy. 

Dark spots can be aggravated by other causes, such as waxing, age, and lack of skincare. 

Do you suffer from dark spots on your skin? 

Many times, these spots are only an esthetic issue, but in some cases, they might evolve into a serious problem. 

There is a certain essential oil that can help you treat this issue naturally. 

Have you ever heard about frankincense essential oil?

Did you know that frankincense oil is an amazing treatment for dark spots on the skin? 

It acts as an antioxidant, fighting free radicals and premature aging.  

Besides that, it acts against inflammations and strengthens the immune system, slowing and treating the appearance of spots. Isn't it amazing? 

Known in ancient Egypt as the "king of oils", frankincense is rejuvenating, beautifying, and reduces imperfections of the skin. It also promotes relaxation, satisfaction, peace, and general wellness. 

Learn how to make the recipe to lessen dark spots on your skin! 

Try it and share your experience with us.


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