How To Make an All-Purpose Seasoning With Antibiotic and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

 Because of modern life, we want even more convenience, but it doesn't always equal health and life quality. 

One of these situations, and one that is very common, is our eating habits. Ultra-processed foods are more and more common on our shelves, and even seasonings aren't safe from being industrialized. 

Did you know that most of these seasonings have substances that are harmful to our health? It is common to see industrialized seasonings that have excessive fats and sodium. 

Both things can cause many different health issues, such as heart diseases and obesity. 

Did you know that the excessive consumption of sodium is mainly responsible for the increased risk of hypertension and heart disease? 

But you don't need to eat unseasoned and bland foods because of that. A way of preventing these issues and taking care of your health is using natural, homemade seasonings. 

Some ingredients with good benefits are:


Has known antioxidant, anticancer, and antiasthmatic properties, and is considered a powerful antimicrobial.


Helps improve immunity, prevents flu and colds, reduces blood pressure, and improves heart health.  


An amazing anti-inflammatory. 

Black pepper 

Potentializes the benefits of turmeric and enhances its absorption in our body. 

Some of the benefits of lemon are: improves digestion, boosts immunity, has anti-inflammatory properties, and many other benefits. 

Do you want to learn how to make this homemade seasoning?

This natural seasoning will make your meals even tastier, and little by little you will see that this is the best choice for your health.


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