How To Treat Folliculitis Naturally at Home

 Do you have white bumps on your arms? Do you know what that means? It might be folliculitis! 

Folliculitis can happen in any part of the body, even in the scalp. It happens because the hair follicles can get inflamed.  

Because they become a little swollen and reddish, many people confuse them with pimples. 

Folliculitis can cause some symptoms, such as itchiness, pain or sensitivity, burning sensation, and rough, dry, or flaking skin. 

Folliculitis usually appears because of ingrown hairs, but it can also be caused by  fungal or bacterial infections, causing some redness on the skin and small bumps filled with pus, similar to acne, that cause itchiness and burning sensation. 

It is more common on the buttocks, groins, legs, arms, beard, and scalp and is more likely to show on people who wear tight clothes, wear makeup, those who shave. 

Today we will show you 4 tips to treat folliculitis naturally: 

Wash with neutral soap

Warm compress

Use Aloe vera

Try essential oils

If you try any of these tips but the bumps keep appearing, talk to a dermatologist to find the best treatment for your case.


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