This Common Mistake Will Make Your Joint Pain Worse

 Are you running a high fever? Do you want to learn how to lower your fever at home? Then this video was made for you. 

Recently on the channel, we talked about the benefits of holy basil, also known as Tulsi in Indian cuisine. 

But today, we will talk about the benefits of basil, especially for fevers. 

Did you know that this herb can naturally lower fevers?

Basil is an aromatic herb usually employed in the preparation of some dishes. But it is also great as a homemade medicine. 

Do you suffer from joint pain?

In today's video, you will learn some common mistakes that can worsen your joint pain! So, if your joints hurt, stay tuned! 

One of the abilities of the human body is to move in different ways and directions. Isn't it true? And that's is possible mostly thanks to our joints.  

However, as we get older, or if we suffer from degenerative bone issues, our joints start to hurt. 

Sometimes, this pain becomes very intense, and may even leave us unable to do simple movements. 

In today's video, we will show you three things you can do to  alleviate your pain:

So, as you can see, even if your joints hurt, it is still necessary to exercise your body to strengthen your muscles and nourish your joints. 

You can try swimming, weight training, aqua aerobics, or stretches. 

Exercising will contribute a lot to your health and mobility. But if your pain doesn't stop or reduce, schedule a visit to a doctor or physiotherapist to help you. 

We also have some videos on our channel to help you find natural medicines and foods to alleviate your pain.

Basil regulates blood pressure, reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels, cleanses the blood, detoxes the body, reduces anxiety, and prevents cancer. The herb is also a strong anti-inflammatory,  antiviral, and antibacterial. 

This tiny leaf is excellent to boost your memory. If you need help to remember that, take two tablespoons of basil, twice a day. 

And, if all those benefits weren't enough to you, basil extract will help you sleep better. How incredible is that? 

But since it has antipyretic action, basil also helps alleviate symptoms of fever and stabilizes the body temperature. 

Note that this treatment is only recommended for fevers below 100 F. 

If your fever is higher than that, immediately seek a doctor and follow the treatment indicated by the professional.  

Diabetic, lactose-intolerant people, pregnant or nursing women, children, and infants must not consume this natural medicine without a doctor's approval.


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