Tuts+ Community Journal Project: Mustache Doodles

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What You'll Be Creating

We've been filling in journal and sketchbook pages with fun challenges around here lately. Here's another chance to join in with our ongoing project.
Gather up some markers, pens, and your journal or sketchbook of choice for this silly mustache-filled drawing challenge. We'll draw a variety of mustache shapes, fill them in with bright colors, and transform them into a pattern of characters. Join in on the fun in the comment section with your own silly mustache friends.

Supplies for the mustache challenge

  • Sketchbook or journal of your choice
  • Thin permanent markers
  • Highlighters
  • Markers in a variety of colors
Mustaches come in a variety of shapes: thick and bushy, pencil thin, handlebar, and more. Let's start with some common mustache shapes. Draw curved teardrops or little bird-like shapes side by side. They could transform into so many things, but these will be a little mustache.

Bird-like mustache shapes

Continue with curly lines, comb and brush-like shapes. How about straight or jagged lines? I've drawn all of these with a thin, permanent marker. Space out each mustache shape and design over your journal page so that you can draw creatures and characters in an all-over pattern.

Draw various mustache shapes

Fill up your page with a variety of mustaches in all shapes and sizes. Vary their directions, line weight, and the spacing between each side of the mustache.

Fill up your page with mustaches

Carefully (or sloppily, this is your journal, after all), color in some of your mustaches with brightly colored highlighters, markers, crayons, or colored pencils. If it can make a mark, then have at it.

color in your mustache shapes

Fill some of the mustaches in with black or brown in order to give your design a bit of a break between bright colors. It's possible your outline may bleed a bit when colored, so give the mustaches some time to dry (this will depend on what markers and pens you're using).

color in all of your mustaches

Start drawing faces to go with the mustaches. Sometimes mustaches get their own faces too. Cartoon faces, anime faces, realistic faces, girl faces, boy faces, etc. Maybe a cat face or two! 

Draw silly faces or each mustache

How about a mustache that is massive on the character itself? Maybe the mustache is the character's face or each mustache has its own little legs. What weird creatures can you come up with?

Give those mustaches some weird characteristics

Add in additional features like monocles, mustache combs, shaving kit items, etc. Check out the variety of face styles below. Fill in your entire page with fancy and silly mustache characters.

Field of silly faces

...But I'll shave it for later! Share your journal pages filled with mustache creatures and patterns in the comment section below. Stay tuned for another journal challenge coming up later this month.
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Final mustache pattern in my journal


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