Girl shocks man by removing wig on 1st date, tears up when he calls her beautiful without it

First dates are typically light and fun. Serious talk is usually left for a later date when you’re putting more of your cards on the table. But Eve Betts doesn’t have time to beat around the bush. Eve was on the British reality TV show “First Dates,” where random people have their first dates in a restaurant on camera.
The show usually captures awkward moments on dates but on this particular episode, Eve takes off her wig and reveals that she is bald because she has alopecia. It was the first time Eve had ever been on a first date without her wig.
They were enjoying some light conversation when Eve blurts out, “I don’t have any hair. I wear a wig.”
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“OK,” her date Jordan says, looking a little nervous.
“This is gonna freak… you came over at the wrong time,” Eve told the waitress. “I’ve got a tattoo on the side of my head.”
“Oh wow,” Jordan says.
Eve started losing her hair when she was 3-years-old. Though Eve was bullied about her condition when she was younger, she said it only impacted her once in a while. She even goes on to tell her date that her father was the first person to help her draw her eyebrows on and that inspired her to become a beauty therapist.
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Jordan, a teaching assistant, was a little taken aback but smiled at her. It looked like he was more taken aback with her beauty than her bald head.
After explaining a little bit about her condition and how annoying it is to put her wig back on, Jordan told her to keep her wig off.
“It suits you,” he told her.
When she returns from the bathroom after putting her wig aside he tells her, “you’re beautiful.”
We’re not sure if these two were a love connection but they are proof that it’s safe to go out there and be yourself. And even if you don’t get a reaction as kind and understanding as Jordan’s, being yourself is always worth the risk.
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