Daughter visits cop dad’s grave for prom photos, is shocked when police department is there too

Police officer Rod Bradway was killed in the line of duty in September 2013. After he made his way through an apartment where a woman was held at gunpoint for multiple hours and screaming for help, he tragically lost his life in an ambush but managed to save the woman and her child.
Sierra, his loving daughter, decided to visit the fallen hero’s grave on prom day as she was getting ready for her big night. She brought a date with her, Brock, that she wanted to take her prom photos with at her father’s gravesite as a memory and tribute to her father. Brock immediately agreed and the two headed to the Indianapolis Crown Hill Cemetery, but Sierra had no idea that Brock planned something of his own.
Source: IMPD
He told the story about Ron and Sierra to his mom, who happens to be a captain in the local County Sheriff’s office. He detailed the plans of her special photo shoot and how much it meant for her, so the two decided to organize a surprise for her.
Source: IMPD
When Sierra arrived in a beautiful blue dress at her father’s grave on prom night, she almost couldn’t believe her eyes. She expected to see her date Brock and a photographer to take care of the photos, but she certainly didn’t expect other police officers to join as well, as a tribute to a fallen hero.
The Police Department shared a video about Ron and the special photo shoot on their Facebook page.
Source: IMPD
“There were lots of laughs, some tears, but most importantly, there was love,” the department said in the very emotional video.
“Sierra, we know your father is smiling from heaven.”
“Know that your Blue Line family will always be here.”
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Source: IMPD NewsPolice World


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