Kids admire dolphins at the zoo. Then zookeeper points left and says army dad’s name

There is no greater gift than being reunited with your family. When these two girls took a trip to the zoo with their mom, they thought their best surprise was getting to pet a dolphin. What happened next will melt your heart.
Georgia and Natasha Howse flew with their mom Aja from Germany to Chicago to attend a wedding. Aja was born in Chicago, and the girls’ dad, Keith, was born in Michigan. Keith could not go on this trip with his family because he had been stationed as an Army Sergeant in Kandahar, Afghanistan for the past 8 months. Before the wedding, Aja took her daughters to the Brookfield Zoo. At the end of a dolphin performance, the trainer called the two girls up to the pool for their own chance to pet the dolphin. Georgia and Natasha were thrilled at the experience, but they never could have guessed what was waiting for them after.

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As the trainer introduced the two girls to the crowd, she explained that their father was serving our country in Afghanistan. Then she called the dolphin over to the edge of the pool. After the girls lovingly rubbed the dolphin’s head, the trainer told them, “We have an extra special surprise for you today.” Then, turning to the crowd, she announced, “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, please put your hands together for their father, Sergeant Keith Howse.” She had barely finished her sentence before the audience erupted into a thunderous applause.

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While the trainer was giving the name of their father to the audience, she pointed the girls over to the other side of the pool, where their dad was waiting for them. After a brief moment of shock, the girls immediately darted over to meet their father. They ran into his arms and embraced him. Aja joined in for a group hug. The love this family had for each other was felt throughout the stadium.

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The girls could not stop hugging their father, even as other members of the audience approached him to thank him for his service. He kissed and carried them as he was recognized over the speaker. Each member of the family was smiling the entire time. They were so grateful for the chance to be together again. Keith had two weeks to spend with his family before finishing his last three months in Afghanistan.
This heartwarming story reminds us how strong the bonds of family are. We are very fortunate to be able to spend time with the ones we love.
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Source: Brookfield Zoo


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