80-year-old Dad learns he has a son he never knew existed. Now watch them meet for first time

Any child who grows up without knowing his or her biological parents dreams of one day finding them. For this man, that dream finally became a reality.
Michael Reed grew up with two loving adoptive parents. He had an excellent upbringing, but he always dreamt of meeting his biological father. At 60 years old, with a wife and two children of his own, Michael finally got to meet the man who helped create him.

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Michael’s biological father, Dennis Fay, fought as a Marine in the Korean War before returning to the states. After his service he adventured with friends in California, where he would spend his time at drive-ins. He had a fling with a woman who worked as a car-hop. “Those days if you were dating a car-hop you were pretty macho because they had their pick of men, and I dated her,” Dennis shared with Fox 13 News. This woman was Michael’s biological mother.
Dennis never knew that Michael existed. The woman gave the child up for adoption without ever telling Dennis about her pregnancy. “One thing led to another, and I never really saw her, and I guess she put that baby up for adoption as soon as she had it,” Dennis speculated. Finally, at 80 years old, he learned of Michael’s existence and even got to meet him!

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Michael had been searching for Dennis since he was 12 years old, and finally embracing his father was a dream come true. After years of failed searches, modern technology made the discovery possible. A DNA test connected Michael to his biological family. “I found [my dad’s] cousin online through a DNA site, and she tipped me off to who my father might be,” Michael explained.
Two families became one as they met at the Salt Lake City International Airport. The former only child now had seven brothers, two sisters, and an abundance of love. Dennis could not be happier to be united with his son. “This is probably the most important day of my life is to meet him, and I’m proud of him. There’s not many people that would go through what he went through to find me.”

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For Michael, being united with Dennis meant the end of a lifelong search. “The father quest is, you know, it’s all over myth and legend and stories – from Star Wars to ancient mythology…and my quest is over.”
The two families are both even bigger and even happier. This heartwarming story highlights the value of love. It is never too late to find a happy ending.
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Source: Fox 13 Salt Lake City


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