8 Simple Reasons Why The Annoying Belly Fat Won’t Vanish

Here we go again.

I will continue until you trim down that belly fat.
Stop making excuses.
It’s winter. I know.
So what? The fat won’t warm you up.

Anyone said something about you being fit only during summer?
It’s about health. It’s about your body. It’s about the way you live.
There are some habits you just need to leave behind.
You win some. You lose some.
Let’s focus on that.
Try to win over your goals and lose that annoying fat.
Talking to many friends, colleagues and strangers I concluded something.
People just don’t want to quit their unhealthy habits.
As a matter of fact, they enjoy them.
How many of you found yourselves hiding from the others while eating something sweet?
They know you are on a diet, but they don’t care if you can hold on to it.
Or whether you cheat or not.
2Pac once said, “Changes are good for any of us”.
There is always something that needs to be changed.
Did you know that belly fat is one of the most common problems in the world?
It’s right below some of the worst illnesses.
We, the nutritionists, often warn our clients that belly fat is like step 1 to developing certain types of heart diseases, type 2 diabetes, and several cancers.
I don’t mean to scare you. But, you need to be aware of this.
Regulate your diet.

8 Simple Reasons Why The Annoying Belly Fat Won't Vanish
Start doing what everybody tends to do.
Be different and lose that belly fat that bugs you.
Now, let’s see all the reasons that are holding you down.

You are focused on the wrong workout

People really don’t know why they go to the gym.
Those are the people who are focused on their smartphones more than their workout routine.
Cardio workouts are awesome. But they won’t do the whole thing.
According to Sangeeta Kashyap, MD, a combination of cardiovascular and weights training is very effective.
Muscles lose more calories during the day.
Strength training increases the muscle mass.
This means that your body will be set up to burn more fat.
Re-check your program. Set up goals.
Do it.

You are getting older

Time is taking its part from your body.
As you grow older, your body changes how it loses and gains weight.
Both men and women have declined metabolic rate.
As a cherry on top, women deal with menopause.
If you ask Michael Jensen, a professor of medicine, he will say if women gain weight after menopause, it’s going straight to their bellies.
This means that you need to start before it’s too late.

You eat too many processed foods

It’s hard to resist them I know.
Your will need to be stronger.
These processed foods are eating the life out of you.
You can’t find any nutritional fact in them.
They only cause addiction. That’s why it’s hard for you to quit.
On top of that, they increase inflammation, which is tightly connected with belly fat.
Relying on processed foods means belly fat.
Change that. Eat more natural foods like vegetables, whole grain products and vegetables.
Live its benefits and see the belly fat slowly shrink.

You are eating the wrong fats

Very often, we the nutritionists, say that fat is good for you.
We mean the other fat. The healthy one. It’s called the monounsaturated fat.
If it’s tough for you to remember it, write it down on your grocery list.
Search for products that contain this good fat.
You can find it in products like walnuts, sunflower seeds, salmon, avocado, etc.

Your workout is not challenging you enough!

Going to the gym because someone told you that’s the only way to lose fat is wrong.
You need to want that. Search for challenging workouts.
Increase the tempo.
High-intensity training loses more belly fat than the low-intensity plan.
There are millions of programs you can find.
Or do the same workout you are doing now.
You just need to increase the tempo. Increase the intensity of the exercises.
You will feel the difference right after the first training.

You are too stressed

Stress won’t do you good.
It will never collaborate with you if you are trying to drop a few pounds.
I mentioned cortisol before, now here it is again.
I’ll give it credit for causing your problems.
This hormone is released when you are stressed.
When it is out. It is usually hungry.
This hormone is prepared to do anything in its power to increase the fat in your body.

Avoiding to sleep

I know you have too much on your mind. I know you are busy as a mother, wife, and employee.
I am too.
Not getting enough sleep is really wrong. It’s also connected with stress. And we already saw how that’s affecting you.
Check out this study that covered the sleeping period.
It was done on 70,000 women.
It says that those who slept 5 hours or less at night were 30% more likely to gain weight than those who sleep for 7 hours.
I think it makes sense.

Suffering from some illness

I left this as the last part.
If you are doing everything as you should to cut that belly fat maybe something is wrong with you.
If that’s the case, you need to see your doctor right away.
Maybe something is damaging your testosterone levels.
Go and check that.
If you are not sick, read this article from the top again.
These are the top 8 reasons that reflect on all of you.
Did you find yourself in any of them?
Let’s cut that fat once and for all!
Are you ready?


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