A Woman Has An Inspiring Story and Recommendation on How She Lost 100 Pounds

Every weight loss journey is different. Some achieved the goal easily while others struggled to change their unhealthy habits.

The first one who has succeeded always share his/her inspiring story with the others. I have a story like that right here.
This is Chaunda Walls. She inspires people to follow her and become healthy.
She is just like you. A regular person who struggled to find the perfect way to lose weight.
Before she packed up too many pounds, she was really sexy.
Chaunda discovered that she played several sports and was part of several beauty pageants.
She got married, had kids, and started to gain weight.

This story is so familiar. A lot of mothers are like that. Having kids is not the perfect reason for you to go unhealthy and avoid paying attention to yourself.
The kids are like mirrors to their parents. If you are living an unhealthy and obese life, what kind of life do you expect your kids to live?
Chaunda deeply considered this. She lives in the South. It’s the place where fried food rules.
She really enjoyed that food. Before you realize your weight will go through the roof.
Chaunda stopped at 230 pounds.

A Woman Has An Inspiring Story and Recommendation on How She Lost 100 Pounds
The weight wasn’t just that. It became even worse. Those pounds started to reflect on her self-esteem causing her to break down easily and become depressed.
And we all know how depression is like salt to a wound. It adds more and more weight.
We all have a boiling point. Shaunda got to that point where she was scared of the world.
Embarrassed to eat in front of others and to leave her house. Depression and anger can do strange things.
She knew that something needed to be done. That was the first step for her to the world of the healthy lifestyle.
Learning how to eat properly, she changed her life for good.

She ate healthily and exercised. That’s her simple method. It takes time, but the success is sweet.
This amazing woman now inspires everyone to get healthy and do not be afraid of making changes in their lives.
Following that recipe will bring happiness and healthiness in their lives.
Watch her inspiring story.
Inspiring people like this gets the proper recognition. This video comes from the wonderful “Talk Show” for women.
Do you watch “The Real”?
Share this amazing story with your friends who struggle with weight loss. They could use it as a motivation!


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