Toddler unknowingly sits on robot vacuum cleaner, has priceless reaction when it starts moving

Robot vacuum cleaners have been very popular for a while now and for good reason: they’re smart, fast and can vacuum around when you’re not home. However, it can also bring a lot of joy and excitement into the house – especially when there’s a little toddler involved.
Source: Newsflare
This small boy from Krasnodar, Russia decided to take a seat on the family’s robot vacuum cleaner, and he’s absolutely having the time of his life. Because he doesn’t weigh much, the vacuum cleaner can easily transport him around. The robot cleaner was placed in a small hallway and for that reason, it has to take a bunch of turns.
Source: Newsflare
The adorable toddler doesn’t seem to mind much though, as his smile gets even bigger when the machine makes a swift turn. Even when it bumps into the wall or faces some other obstacle, the boy is clearly enjoying his new method of transportation.
His parents and older brothers have a lot of fun with the entire situation as well – the sounds of their laughter are almost louder than the vacuum cleaner itself.
Source: Newsflare
Cleaning up the floor and making toddlers smile? Seems like robot vacuum cleaners definitely are worth their money. Be sure to check out the little boy’s journey through the hallway in the hilarious video below.
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Source: Newsflare


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