Dad receives shoes on his birthday, loses it and screams “get outta town” when they light up

The Thorne family from Calgary, Canada all came together to celebrate grandfather Ted’s 70th birthday. His children bought him a box of Nike running shoes with LEDs underneath. Ted says that he wanted to have these light-up shoes for over eight years, but thought they didn’t make these for adults.
Source: Storyful
Sarah wanted to capture the moment when her father Ted opened up the package. When he’s handed the box, he doesn’t seem overly excited as he assumed it was just a pair of sneakers. His mild reaction shifts quickly to total excitement when he realizes that the shoes feature pressure-activated LEDs in the heels of the shoes.
Source: Storyful
Immediately after he pressed the shoes and the lights went on, he loudly shouted “Oh! Get outta town!” and threw the box with the other shoe to the other side of room in sheer excitement. The adorable granddad even punches the air in extremely joyful fashion. “You’ve gotta be kidding me!” A moment later, he even proudly shows off his sleek new shoes to his grandchildren.
Sarah posted the video of her father’s excitement on the internet, and it quickly went viral when shoemaker Evolved Footwear created a .gif file of Ted’s reaction. At one point, the original video was seen over 40 million times.
Source: Storyful
“I really wanted a pair of those shoes,” Ted said. He says he was “truly shocked” by the gift, because, “everybody said you can’t get adult shoes (with light-up heels).”
He first saw the shoes at a school dance and thought “Gee, it’s too bad I can’t join them.” Ted now walks around his home with his new light-up sneakers and absolutely adores them.
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