5-Step Plan for Long & Sustainable Weight Loss

Let’s try something. Can you please ask your friends how they respond to the weight loss problem?

80% of the people you ask will say that you are going to get back to the previous weight even when you achieve your goal of losing a few pounds.
How many times you’ve heard something like this?
Too many.

It’s time to forget about all of this and start thinking about our life as a whole.
If your primary goal is to lose weight, reach your goal and maintain that weight, you need something that will tell you how to do it.
When I was starting the whole process of transforming my body and reach the state I am in now, the toughest part was to gain muscles.
Keeping in mind that my husband is a fitness instructor, I found it hard to believe in his methods.
5-Step Plan for Long & Sustainable Weight Loss
The process was annoying because I was seeing other people doing the same exercises like me and show tremendous progress.
My husband did some modifications, and now I’m maintaining my awesome form.
This made me say that only quitters quit. Successful people find the way to reach their goal!
Therefore, if you are ready to follow this simple 5-step plan, you are going to be fit, healthy and have your desired weight in no time.
Can you commit?
Let’s grind:

Feed Your Body

I’m talking about the superfoods that will feed your body up without giving you that much trouble.
I’ve heard people talk about cutting meals in half will make you lose weight.
Let’s say that’s true. Cut your happy meal in half and see whether you are going to feel full or hungry afterward.
Don’t lie to yourself.
Manage your food. Bring balance to your plate. Eat healthily and allow your body to enjoy all of the needed nutrients.

Take Care of Your Digestive System

Avoid foods that fill you up easily and make you sick. I’m talking about fried foods, fast food, soda, and alcohol.
Some of these foods make your body dizzy and unable to function. In other words, your body works like a broken car.


Bring order to your life. Sleep deprivation messes up your insulin and results with increasing the sugar level. If you sum up these two, you are going to get obesity.
Respect your rest time. Take your goodnight sleep for granted and enjoy it.

Mental Health

Feeling emotions lead to eating food. Yes, happiness leads to diet and obesity, as well.
People eat when they are depressed, happy, anxious, and so on. Address and enjoy in your emotions without turning your attention to food.
Balance is the key. It’s 2016. Don’t be scared to ask for counseling if you have problems.


Water is essential. It’s the only detoxification way you can get. You can play with the water you take.
There are so many variations of detox water you can choose from.
I won’t tell you how much water you need to drink during the day. You just need to keep it above two liters a day.
It’s your choice.
Don’t forget to let your friends know about these steps.


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