7 Foods You Need Right Now to Fight Off Cancer Cells

Cancer cells and their ability to grow into something bigger have become a primary goal for researchers around the world.

Doctors and scientists are fighting to find the cure for cancer.
I doubt that will happen anytime soon.
Some people believe a cure has been found. But we are not allowed to see or use it.
I won’t comment on that.
You are what you eat. This is the sentence you are hearing all the time.
It won’t be the last time you hear it from me.

Studies over the past years show that everything we need it’s in the food we eat.
I’m talking about the healthy side of food, of course.
If you are using a healthy diet, you are on the right path. You don’t need to change.
Most of the foods you eat have cancer-fighting abilities.
The cancer-fighting diet is very similar.
It requires a bigger amount of fruits, vegetables, herbs and protein rich foods.
Some of the foods attack inflammation. This is the main fuel for the cancer cells to grow.
Finally, what are the foods I’m talking about?


Beans come with a lot of phytochemicals. Also, they are rich in iron.
The phytochemicals help your organism battle and protect you from cancer cell reproduction.

7 Foods You Need Right Now to Fight Off Cancer Cells

Beans largely contain Folate and a Vitamin B. These are important protecting you from pancreatic cancer.


The beta-carotene in the carrots is your bodyguard. Literally.
It’s the antioxidant that scientists believe it has a protective set of skills.
Eating carrots means protecting your cell membranes from bigger toxin damage and slows down the growth of the cancer cells.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Choy, broccoli, kale, cabbage, collards and cauliflower are the food friends you would want to spend time with.
They contain huge levels of sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinols.
This means these foods play a huge role in detoxifying your body.
Studies conducted in the World Cancer Research Fund show that these foods are most protective against stomach, esophagus and mouth cancers.


My favorite superfood.
There isn’t any disease in this world that garlic won’t protect you from.
It’s like the true “Superman” among the foods.
Those strong sulfur compounds that give the smell of garlic, protect you from cancer.
They speed up your DNA repair and kill cancer cells.


Its anti-inflammatory properties are here to help you stop your cancer cells from growing.
This root can kill ovarian cancer cells faster than chemo.
But, there is a warning about the ginger.


Every time you have an opportunity to eat this fruit, take it!
It’s rich with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits.

7 Foods You Need Right Now to Fight Off Cancer Cells

Sea Vegetables

Another reason to love the summer period and the sea.
Kelp, Hijiki, Arame, Kombu are all considered as potential cancer protectors.
They are rich in vitamins and minerals. They come with nutritional and healing benefits.
  •      Kelp – Removes radioactive particles and heavy metals from your body
  •      Kombu – helps lower blood pressure and it’s rich in carotenes, iodine, B/C/D and E Vitamins.
  •      Hijiki – Natural T-cells killer
  •      Nori – Rich in carotenes, iron, iodine, calcium and phosphorus


This food largely contains lutein and zeaxanthin. These carotenoids remove all the molecules and free radicals from your body.
Studies suggest that consuming spinach and other similar dark leafy foods reduce the risk of endometrial, lung and colorectal cancer.
These are only 7 types of foods. According to SAD, you should focus more on organic foods.
Your daily intake of food should include more vegetables, beans, fruits, healthy fats, herbs, garlic, spices and lean proteins.
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