A Kiwi Juice That Reduces the Risk of Blood Clot and Stroke

Another one of these juices that will make you feel refreshed.
It’s kiwi juice so you won’t be able to feel different.
A magical potion that will make immediate changes doesn’t exist. That’s a story for Asterix and Obelix.
There are juices similar to those potions. They won’t make an immediate change, but if you include them in your diet, they are here to improve things.
Just like this kiwi juice recipe I have now and like the others I shared with you so far.
Maybe they won’t help you. But I know for sure that they are made of healthy and natural ingredients that feature huge helpful properties.
Kiwi is a great fruit. Especially for those who suffer from kidney problems.
Let’s see what kind of benefits are provided by the kiwi
A Kiwi Juice That Reduces the Risk of Blood Clot and Stroke
Now… the recipe for this juice.

What do you need?

  •      1 ½ kg of fresh and peeled kiwi
  •      2 tablespoon of honey
  •      1 ½ liter water

How to make it?

  •      Chop the kiwi fruit.
  •      Put it in a blender
  •      Add the water and tablespoon
  •      Blend
I use kiwi sometimes in the morning. I grew up with them and I love them.
It’s nice to see them helping.
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