Explaining the Unusual Signs on the Bottom of Every Plastic Package

I always wanted to know what are those signs on every plastic package. I always thought these are just some markings that only people who work in the factory understand.

Unfortunately, there is something more to that.
I knew that plastic releases some chemicals that could harm your health if you reuse them for storing water or other natural drinks.
The facts about this were always contradictory and I didn’t know which side to support.
But reading this information really made me think. The reason why I decided to share it with you is because the source mentions some dangerous diseases that could be related to the plastic packages.
When I was becoming a nutritionist, my mentor was telling me to keep in mind that I should advise people to store and drink water out of glass bottles.
And he was right about that.

Explaining the Unusual Signs on the Bottom of Every Plastic Package
Plastic bottles are all around us. We are meeting with them everywhere we go. I bet you have a plastic bottle right now on your desk full of water.
Check it up and see if it has some of the following signs.
  • HDP (HDPE)
  • PP
  • PET (PETE)
  • PVC (3V)
  • PS
  • PC
Many believe that this is the material or the type of plastic used for that package. This is probably not far from the truth, but let’s see what kind of chemicals these packages are releasing in the food or water.


The best plastic option. It’s on the top of the list as one of the safest plastic out there. If the package has this sign, don’t worry, it doesn’t release any chemical substances in the food products.


This sign means that the plastic used for making the package is also safe. The whole package is probably transparent or white. It’s often used for syrups and yogurt.


This plastic material releases cancer-causing mixes. It also releases metals, EPA synthetic substances, and antimony. This mixture could intervene with the capacity of your hormones.

PVC or 3V

PVC releases 2 very dangerous elements that harm your hormonal capacity. This plastic is used for production of bottles.


This plastic releases Styrene inside the water. It’s cancer causing substance. PS is often used in the coffee glasses or fast-food containers.


It releases BPA and this makes it the most dangerous one. It’s used for producing sports bottles, nourishment stockpiling, and baby food containers.
Bottom line:
I don’t know if this is true or not because I will agree with you that this lacks more information and proof.
One thing is for sure, though, use plastic as little as possible. Use them once or twice and throw it away. Don’t risk it.
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