Fitness Program: How to Get a Better Booty in 30 Days

It’s here girls! You thought I forgot about your booty, didn’t you?

I will never do that. That’s why I’m writing about this 30-day fitness program for you and your precious booty.
If you forgot about it for the last couple of months, it’s time to activate those muscles and tighten them up.
This fitness program lasts 30 days and requires your full commitment. It starts with low-intensity training during the first few days, but after that, your booty will sweat a little bit more.
Every day, this fitness program includes new exercises. You will stay entertained and it will be really easy for you to stay on track.
Are you ready to get started? – I know. You were born ready!

Day 1 through Day 5

Starting easy is the key here. You want to tell your booty that something is happening.
Start by lying on the floor and swinging your legs into the air or lift your booty and back of the floor in the kneeling back kick.
Fitness Program: How to Get a Better Booty in 30 Days
During the first five days, you will feel your muscles tightening up. These exercises will target your butt and abdomen.
It’s not that easy to be lying on the floor, huh?

Day 6 through 10

It’s time to spice things up a little bit. Introduce your butt to the squats. Our good old friends.
There are many variations of this exercise and I want you to check them all during these 5 days.
Every different squat targets the butt and another group of muscles. Maybe it looks too easy to deal with squats, but you need to bring your “A” game.
Fitness Program: How to Get a Better Booty in 30 Days

Days 11 through 15

Let’s fix that spiritual and butt pose. It’s time for ballet. Dancing tightens up the booty. I know how much you dreamed of becoming a ballerina when you were a little girl.
This will bring you to the days when you were dancing in front of the mirror. It’s easy these days. Everything can be found on the Internet.
You don’t need to go professional. The classic ballerina moves will do the trick for your booty. The bent squat and folded squeeze will take your body to another graceful movement.
You can do it!
Fitness Program: How to Get a Better Booty in 30 Days

Days 16 through 20

It’s time to step up a little bit. Start with a reverse lunge to front kick. It will make your heart pump up blood more.
Continue by adding a single leg deadlift. It will spice things up and get you motivated to shape your butt area.
By doing this, you are not only strengthening your booty. Extreme balance is needed here. This means you will be tightening your core.
The chair pose will set your booty on fire!
Fitness Program: How to Get a Better Booty in 30 Days

Days 21 through 25

Doing the skating exercises at your own home. Yes. We are bringing the ice rink home and nobody can stop us.
You are required to do at least 50 skate reps to feel the burning in your muscles. This exercise will test your butt muscles as well as your abs.
After this fast tempo exercise, it would be nice if you finish with balance holds and warrior III poses. These are all very helpful and not that hard to do.
Fitness Program: How to Get a Better Booty in 30 Days

Days 26 through 30

We came to an end of the 30-day challenge. Side lunge to outer thigh leg lifts, double snap kicks and sidekicks will increase your flexibility.
These exercises will finish up with toning your butt and legs.
Use the butt to pull the legs up in the air and you will see that your body requires a lot of balancing while you are performing the back kick. Your body will use the upper butt and lower back muscles.
You will feel amazing after this workout and you will definitely want to do it all over again.
We are not finished, where are you going?
Come back and lets finish this with style.
Plank walk-ups bring us back to the floor. No, it’s not relaxing. It’s exactly the opposite. We are going to finish this program in style.
Let’s do jumping jacks and power jacks on day 30. It will be your little celebration.
Go ahead. Look yourself in the mirror now. Can you notice your booty all shaped up?
We got ourselves a challenge people. Who is with me? – Let’s do this!
Oh, I almost forgot. Don’t forget to share this with your friends. They want to have a sexy booty, too.


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