See How Wearing High Heels Brings Danger to Your Whole Body

There isn’t anything more fabulous and perfect than a nice long dress with high heels.

Depending on your style, high heels are the addition every woman wants.
You spend so much time searching and shopping for the perfect ones.
Oh… the relief when you find the ones you dreamed for.
The satisfaction is on the highest level.
That’s why it is tough to make a woman wear high heels only for special occasions.
Before I share this with you I told my friend what I found. She couldn’t believe what I’m telling her.
She is a huge high-heels lover. Just when I thought I changed her opinion, she said: I’m willing to take the risk.
Well, how far can you go wearing high-heels all the time?
Here is what I found.
Several studies show that these shoes can cost you more than the price you pay for them.
They can bring damage to your whole body.
While wearing these high heels your spine, knees, hips, ankles and feet suffer the most.
A whole research has been done just to reduce women’s passion about high heels.
Will it succeed?
This study showed some unbelievable results. 1 in 10 women wears high heels 3 days a week.
That’s more than usual.
See How Wearing High Heels Brings Danger to Your Whole Body
One of the biggest factors for suffering foot problems in women is, of course, wearing high heels.
Let’s dig deeper and see what happens to your body when you wear them.
According to a specialist from Hollywood, California, Natalie A. Nevins, frequently worn high heels causes long-term issues.
Your toes are always in an unnatural position. This could cause nerve damage, ingrown toenails, tendon damages, and bunions.
Constantly wearing high heels is closely linked to leg muscle injuries, osteoarthritis of the knee, low back pain and plantar fasciitis.
The worst part is that every second woman knows this.
They just can’t give up from wearing high heels. Who can blame them, right?
While wearing those perfectly matched high heels, look at your toes.
Higher your heels are, the bigger the pressure on the toes.
They slide forward by forcing your feet into a very unpleasant and unnatural position.
Your body weight is incorrectly balanced.
I know you noticed this.
After a while, you are feeling the pressure. Your body tilts forward creating posture that strains your lower back, hips, and knees.
These changes reflect on the nerves of your back. They start feeling a lot of pressure.
I don’t want to tell you this, but better be warned than sorry.
That numbness you are feeling in your feet after you take your high heels off has a name.
It’s called sciatica. This is a condition where your nerves are trapped triggering numbness and pain on your feet.
See How Wearing High Heels Brings Danger to Your Whole Body
Dr. Nevins didn’t stop there.
She added that many women who wear high-heels constantly suffer from shortening the Achilles’ tendon.
While your body and heel are pointed upwards, your Achilles’ tendon tightens up.
That’s why when you switch to flats it is really painful.
Wearing high-heels all the time develops unhealthy patterns.
These patterns provoke pain you feel in your body even when you are not wearing them.
As I said a couple of times, it’s almost impossible to make a woman ditch high heels.
I know I won’t.
But, this warning gives you heads up to wear them not as often as possible.
I know you wear them only for special occasions. Other times you are wearing flats.
Here is something you can do to protect your feet, legs and body from suffering even bigger damage.
See How Wearing High Heels Brings Danger to Your Whole Body
There you go.
At least you can stretch if you are addicted to high-heels.
Are some of your friends big high-heels lovers?
This could be really useful for them.


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