Fix Your Stiff Neck and Shoulder in 3 minutes, Using Only a Fork!

 Stress in work, traffic, and daily problems and worries are just a few of the things that can make us tense, and even hurt our shoulders and neck! 

Have you ever felt stiffness in your shoulders or neck? 

Many times, this pressure that we feel is not only a result from fatigue and mental or physical weariness, but also bad posture. 

According to traditional Chinese medicine, our tongues can offer information about the source, seriousness, and development of some diseases in our body. 

Thinking about it, in today's video, we will teach you how to fix your stiff neck and shoulders with the help of acupuncture, using only a fork. 

Acupuncture alleviates spasmodic torticollis, pain in the neck and shoulders,  cervical spondylosis (disc degeneration), and radiculopathy. The practice also improves the amplitude of movements. 

Lingual acupuncture offers satisfactory results for the treatment of shoulder and neck pain, bringing back the movements to the areas that were tense and painful. 

Besides this practice, you should also pay attention to some habits to avoid these pains in the future. 

Following these simple tips, you can end the pain in your neck and shoulder and keep a healthier life. 

If the discomfort is too much, seek a health professional, such as an acupuncturist or osteopath, to receive adequate care.


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