Why You Should Have a Glass of Ginger Water Every Day

 Have you ever heard about starting your day with lemon water? 

Today you will learn why starting your day with some ginger can be even better! 

Ginger has amazing benefits for our health.

Because of all these benefits, in today's video, we will teach you how to make ginger water to start your day well! 

Did you know that drinking a glass of ginger water while fasting, and at least 17 oz more during the day, helps you lose weight? It accelerates fat burn, especially in the belly. 

But, besides that, other benefits are worth adding ginger water to your routine, like the ones we mentioned above. 

Ginger is a root that detoxes the body and improves intestinal function, which accelerates the metabolism, prevents water retention, and helps with weight loss. 

Besides ginger, you can also add some lemon, eggplant, cinnamon, or cucumber to your water. 

They are all ingredients that potentialize the slimming effect of water, besides contributing to control bloating throughout the day. 

So, what do you think of this recipe? Try it and share your opinion with us.

It is necessary to pay attention as ginger reduces blood viscosity when consumed in big amounts. 

Its consumption by people who regularly take blood thinners such as aspirin, must be orientated by a nutritionist to avoid the risk of hemorrhage.


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