Creative Colour Adjustment in Lightroom with Curves

Many people are familiar with using curves for adjusting contrast and tonal values, but we can also adjust colour with curves in a very nice way. By selectively adjusting the RGB channels we can quickly emphasize or de-emphasize colour and take more control of how it appears. This isn't colour-correction: we're not making pictures appear neutral. Instead, we're going to use colour to add mood to a scene. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to creatively and expressively adjust colour with Tone Curves in Lightroom.

Luxury car on rural road
Before a colour adjustment
In our example, however, we do start with a colour-corrected, normalized image, as above. The picture looks fine: contrast is good, we've adjusted the white balance to a neutral point, and there are no big pre-exisiting colour casts in the image. Evaluating a "not-to-anything" image lets us decide what aspects of the picture we want to bring out with colour.
Check out the video to see where we go with this image!


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