7 Awesome Facts for Your Eyes That Will Entertain Your Brain

Eyes are the only part of your body that is able of telling the truth.

Do you agree?
Facts like this are here to make your morning smoothie very special. These facts will pay attention to your eyes.
There is something in your eyes that they are not telling you.
Luckily for you, I’m here to share with you a few facts behind your eyes.
7 Awesome Facts for Your Eyes That Will Entertain Your Brain
There are many studies around the world focusing on the eyes and their abilities.
Lots of them are really interesting and can entertain your brain.
Your eyes know more than you know. They could be giving away more than you think you are.
Let’s check these facts and see what we are missing.


According to a study from Georgia University, people with lighter eye color (blue, green, gray or hazel) can handle drinks better than people with darker eye colors.


As it is said, you are able to tell the political orientation of someone just by looking at his eyes.
People who are supporting the left side of the political spectrum tend to follow “eye cues” more than conservatives.
This means if you are talking with a liberal, she will definitely trace your gaze.
7 Awesome Facts for Your Eyes That Will Entertain Your Brain


Eye contacts vary through different forms. But eyes are for flirting right?
Now, the eye contact could catch other perspectives like the partner’s mouth, uncontrollable dilation of the pupils and even follow the pattern of blinking of the partner.


This is probably the best part. If you think someone is lying to you, look deeply in their eyes. If they look slightly to your left then it’s more likely that they are lying to you.
If they are focusing on a true story, they will be looking to the other way.


Since you started reading this, you blinked approximately 8 times. Most adults blink once every 5 seconds.
This means you are blinking 6.5 million times a year! Amazing.
Your eyes can detect as much as 10 million different color tones. How you can see color affects more than you thought.
It distinguishes many aspects of your life. Even your food could taste different depending on what color you interpret it to be.
7 Awesome Facts for Your Eyes That Will Entertain Your Brain

Look after them

Did you know that 80% of eye conditions that affect people around the globe are avoidable and curable?
You need to look after your eyes. Do a regular checkup of your eyes because you have only one pair of eyes.
There you have it. These scientific facts will help you look differently on things.
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Source: Wise Bread


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