7 Awesome Exercises for Tight Booty and Sexy Legs

Oh yeah. It’s my favorite period of the day. It’s time for doing a little bit of exercise.

What we have on the menu today is making your legs and booty stronger and sexier.
The exercises you are going to see below are all effective and will give you the results you are searching for from an exercise.
These exercises are called compound exercises. They attack multiple muscles at once burning the fat and calories out.

By doing them you are going to “feel the burn” in your gluteus, quads, and hamstrings.
Let’s go:

Booty Lift Plank

Kickback Pulse

Tip Toe Squats

Butterfly Bridge

Booty Rainbow

Squat Step with Resistance Band

Fire Hydrant

Let’s sweat it out!
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Source: Skinny Mom


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