Did You Know: Your Blood Type Says A Lot About Your Health?


As you already know, there are 4 blood groups: A, B, AB and 0, two RH factors (+ and -)
We inherit our blood type from our parents. You know how it goes. We learned this when we were still in first grade.
Biology class, wasn’t it?
It’s like every scientist out there comes with his own theory for blood types.
They are all right. I haven’t heard something that didn’t make sense.

One study really caught my attention and I wanted to check this with you. It says here that your blood type says almost everything about your health.
Let’s check what blood type says about the health.
  •      Blood Group A – Fertile, but prone to drinking

The news about this blood type is not that good. It says here that they have increased chances of getting stomach cancer.
While they are getting older, the number of egg cells is getting less reduced. This means they are more likely to get pregnant in older age.
If you are one of these people you might have caught yourself drinking too much alcohol.
There are exceptions all right. Don’t take this for granted.
Studies show several links between alcoholism and blood type A.

Did You Know: Your Blood Type Says A Lot About Your Health?

  •      Blood Type B – Higher Risk of Ulcers, but better metabolism

Women with this blood type also have problems. They are tightly connected with developing pancreatic cancer.
What’s more to this, they can experience memory problems during their life. Same goes for developing dementia and Alzheimer’s in older age.
The studies say they are prone to ulcers and different infections. One positive side is that they have fast working metabolism.
They can build muscles and their body reacts quicker to building muscles.
  •      Blood Group 0 – Lower risk of heart attack and reduced fertility

People with this blood type should worry less about suffering a heart attack or getting stomach cancer.
Helicobacter pylori could cause the biggest problems in their stomach. They could get stomach ulcers and men are prone to obesity.
Women with this blood type are 2 times more likely to have a poor quality of their fertility eggs.
The good thing is that stress is getting nowhere near them. After stressful events, their stress level falls really fast.

  •      Blood Type AB – Prone to heart attack, but enjoy better vision

It’s said that women with this blood type are exposed to a bigger risk of getting ovarian cancer. Pregnant women have a higher risk of developing HBP.
What’s more to this, all people with this blood type are exposed to heart diseases and stroke.
They often suffer from digestive problems such as gastritis, Crohn’s disease, and more.
So, what do you think? Does this make sense for you?


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