Exercises: Dealing With the Stubborn Stiff Neck

Stiff neck is the worst. It’s not important how fit you are or how active you are through the day. Stiff neck could happen to anyone. And it’s really painful.

I think I want to cut my head off when this happens to me.
The last time I “suffered” from this condition, it was right after I woke up. Somehow I managed to sleep in a really bad position through the night and my neck was screaming in pain.
It took me a week until I relieved that stubborn pain I was feeling back there. And it gets worse.
I won’t tell you that you won’t feel a thing while you are doing these exercises because you won’t!
These exercises will relieve the pain. There is no question about it.
But, you need to be prepared to feel even bigger suffering while you are doing them. These exercises are touching the core of the pain directly.

Exercises: Dealing With the Stubborn Stiff Neck
There are two scenarios here. Either you do these exercises and fix your stiff neck in a couple of days, or you don’t do them and wait to fix itself in a month.
The choice is yours.
Now, the exercises. They are really simple. All of them require moving the neck around to stretch the affected muscles.
I know you are in pain right now and your head moves are limited. Here are the exercises you should start doing now.

The Yes/No/Maybe Move

No. I’m not joking with you.
The simple moves that will test your neck to its limits are moving your head just like you are saying:
  • Yes – Moving your head up and down. Slowly stretching the muscles in your neck.
  • No – Moving your head left and right. Slowly stretching the side muscles.
  • Maybe – Inclining your head left and right. Slowly stretching the affected muscles.
Move as much as you can. Stretch until you feel the first impact of pain. Hold that position for a little bit longer and release it.
Good job!
The next time you are going to do the same stretch, your head will go an inch further without you feeling pain.
Repeat the exercises.

Exercises: Dealing With the Stubborn Stiff Neck

Head Rolls

But, this time, I want you to do this exercise while you are taking a hot shower. The water will relax your muscles.
All you have to do is to slowly rotate your head clockwise. Repeat this 5-6 times. Keep it slow and steady every time stretching all of the muscles in your neck.
Relax for a minute or two and repeat the exercise, but now roll your head in the opposite direction.
And that’s it. The pain will release your muscles day-by-day. It’s not a one-time procedure. You need to keep on doing this until the stiff neck goes away.
If you know someone who is suffering from a stiff neck, share this with them and all of the other friends through the sharing buttons below.


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