17 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips That Will Resolve All Myths

I have to tell you what happened to me this morning.

I was at the park. Walking my dog. He really loves it when I take him out early in the morning. The air was fresh and the park wasn’t crowded like the other periods of the day.
There was a woman. Doing cardio exercises. That was the first time I saw her. Right after she saw me, she started walking towards me with a big smile on her face.
I turned back to see if someone she knows is behind me. I was alone.
When she came close to me she said: “Joana, right? – Yes, I answered.”
Her voice felt really friendly and warm. When she explained she is one of my readers I recently contacted via mail, I felt like I knew her from somewhere.
She just wanted to say hello and give me a friendly advice. I’m really thankful for that.
The advice was about my helpful articles and approach.
She said: “Look, I really appreciate what you do. I tried most of the approaches. Some have shown complete results, but some not so much. The health industry became a crowded place. Many “experts” have shown up. It would be great if we see some studies or researches that could serve us as evidence of what you do.”

17 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips That Will Resolve All MythsI thanked her for that and we went our separate ways. She is awesome!
That’s why I will do this more often. You know how I explain everything in my posts trying to help you. I will keep doing that, but now with more evidence I can find.
I think this friendly advice is good for all of us, right?
That led to this. 17 proven and evidence-based weight-loss tips. Oh, you are going to love this!

Don’t forget to drink water. Especially before meals

It’s often said that water helps you lose weight. It’s definitely true. By drinking water, you are doing your metabolism a favor. You boost it by 30%.
With that being said, you will lose weight more easily.
2-3 liters of water a day can increase the work of your metabolism “forcing” it to burn more calories. And that’s not all.
One different study showed that drinking at least a half liter of water 30 minutes before meals helps you lose 44% more weight.
That’s pretty impressive.

Eggs for Breakfast

Eggs are the best when eaten for breakfast. They are packed with helpful nutrients giving you energy for the whole day.
One study shows that eating eggs for breakfast helps you lose weight.

17 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips That Will Resolve All Myths
Replacing your breakfast with eggs helps you eat fewer calories for the next 36 hours. This means you won’t be hungry right after you ate your breakfast.
According to the study, you will lose more weight and body fat during the process.
So, what’s for breakfast?

Drink Black Coffee

I hate the small talk about coffee. People don’t know what to believe. Everything is messed up.
I only know one thing: it boosts your metabolism. I can feel that. It’s loaded with antioxidants and other health benefits.
Plus, a study is here to support my thesis. It says that caffeine increases the metabolic rate by 3-11% and has the ability to increase the fat burning up to 30%.
I prefer mine black. Without sugar. If you add sugar, you’ll just get a negative effect.

Drink Green Tea

Just like black coffee, green tea is packed with numerous benefits. But I know you know them.
It contains a small amount of caffeine and a lot of powerful antioxidants. They are called catechins. They work with the caffeine to enhance the fat burning process.
Sometimes you will have mixed feelings about green tea and weight loss. However, there is no doubt that they can help you lose weight naturally.

17 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips That Will Resolve All Myths

Use Coconut Oil for Cooking

These tips read my mind. Almost in all of my previous posts I mentioned coconut oil. It’s very healthy.
It has been shown that coconut oil is able to boost your metabolism by 120 calories a day. By cooking with it, your appetite will be reduced. The study shows you will eat at least 256 fewer calories per day.
It’s all in those special fats called chain triglycerides that the coconut oil has.
Remember: I talk about replacing your current cooking oil, not adding coconut oil on top of it.

Consume Less Refined Carbs

Refined carbs are sugar. It’s simple as that. Studies show that refined carbs are damaging your blood sugar. They increase its level to the roof.
This leads to hunger, cravings, and increased food intake. And very often ends with obesity.

Opt In for Low Carb Diet

This is the way of eating you need if you want to lose diet efficiently. The low carb diet helps you lose 2 or 3 times more weight as a standard low-fat diet.
On top of that, this diet improves your health.

Eat in Smaller Plates

My grandmother used to say: eat everything that’s in your plate. If you are a die-hard fan of this method use a smaller plate.
This simple but useful trick will help you eat fewer calories.

Always Have Healthy Food in Hand in Case You Get Hungry

That’s right. We don’t know when we’ll get hungry. It can be in the middle of a trip with no healthy food store near you.
For that manner, keep healthy food around. It could include fruits, baby carrots, low-fat Greek Yoghurt, nuts, hard-boiled eggs, etc.

17 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips That Will Resolve All Myths

Eat Spicy Food

Even if you are not a fan of spicy food, you need to consider consuming it. Some spicy foods like Cayenne pepper are full with Capsaicin.
That’s the compound you need. It helps your weight loss and boosts your metabolism.

Aerobic Exercises

Stop avoiding these exercises. Cardio or aerobic exercises are one of the best ways for burning calories.
Doing it two or three times a week, you will feel reborn. I’ll keep saying and showing you cardio exercises to burn fat and strengthen your core.

Lifting Weights

Don’t worry. You won’t become like those bodybuilders you watch on TV. When I ask women why they don’t train with weights, their excuse is: I don’t want to look like a man.
Who said that you will? Do you look like other men now when you are not lifting?
Dieting causes muscle loss and metabolic slowdowns.
That’s why you need to return the favor. Resistance exercises are the best way of fixing the problem.
These studies are here to show you that lifting weights can prevent the losing of muscles mass and keep your metabolism high.

Include More Fiber in Your Diet

Fiber is very often recommended for weight loss, but I feel people keep avoiding it.
I don’t know why is that. I will say everything is in the mixed evidence. One thing is for sure, though. A study shows that on a long term, fiber will help you gain control over your weight.

Chew Slowly

Yes. That has a big effect. It’s the way of making your brain understand that you are full. You are giving it time to react.
By chewing your food slowly, it can help you eat fewer calories and increase the production of hormones that are tightly connected to weight loss.

Get a Good Night Sleep

Sleeping is not included in any tips for losing weight. It’s somehow underestimated.
Studies show how not getting the needed sleep increases the risk for obesity. Children “enjoy” 89% increased the risk of obesity while this factor is 55% in adults.

17 Evidence-Based Weight Loss Tips That Will Resolve All Myths

Eat Protein-rich Foods

Proteins are very important for losing weight. Eating a high-protein diet boosts your metabolism by 100 calories a day. It helps you feel satisfied during the day making you eat 441 less calories every day.
Another study showed how protein reduces obsessive thoughts about food. It lowers your desire by 60% cutting the desire late night snacking.

Avoid Short-term “Diets”. Eat Healthy!

I’m talking about those “diets” that make you starve. Why don’t you try a different way of eating. Try the healthy approach. It’s proven to work on a longer term.
Studies show how dieting is predicting weight gain.
Instead going on a strict diet, become a healthy person. Tend to eat healthier than before until you go “100% healthy food consumer”.
The weight loss will come. And you will be a healthy and happy woman!
Use these tips for going further. Weight loss is a process where you need to be disciplined and follow every routine of yours.
These tips are all confirmed with evidence. Someone already conducted a study and proved them right.
It’s your turn now. What will you do to lose weight?
Share this with your friends who want to lose weight. They could use these tips.


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