Honey and Cinnamon: The Alpha and Omega You Need in Your Life!

I can’t imagine my life without these two ingredients. I call them like that because I mix them in everything.

All the recipes in the world are richer when you put honey and cinnamon in there. I can talk about the benefits of these two for weeks. It’s how I feel when I consume them.
Let’s put aside their strong and sweet taste. Cinnamon takes the healthy smoothie or morning coffee to another dimension. It’s an ancient spice used in the kitchen and medicine. Egypt and China were the top users of this spice.
Now cinnamon is used all over the world. Every food I consume tastes different and better when I include cinnamon.
For example, when I cook healthy muffins with honey and top them with cinnamon. It’s like heaven.
Here are the benefits of cinnamon. They are very well explained on this chart.
Honey and Cinnamon: The Alpha and Omega You Need in Your Life!
Raw honey, or like many people call it “liquid gold”, is another ancient food with extremely high medicinal properties.
My mother used to tell me how a tablespoon of honey every morning makes me better. I grew up with that saying. I haven’t missed consuming it each morning since then.
I’m eating a tablespoon of raw honey or put it in my breakfast. It helps by strengthening up your immune system and makes you resistant to allergens.
It’s also a natural remedy when you have a cold or a cough. Make a cup of tea, add a teaspoon of honey and squeeze ½ of the lemon. Your cough will be long gone in a day!
It’s packed with antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties. Here are all the benefits of honey in one picture.
Honey and Cinnamon: The Alpha and Omega You Need in Your Life!
But, what about when you combine them?
It’s like setting on a healthy bomb in your organism. When both of them combine, they:
  •      Boost your immune system and help you prevent illnesses and other infections
  •      Speed up the recovery from seasonal ailments and colds
  •      Clear the sinus congestion
  •      Sooth indigestion and other possible digestive disturbances
  •      Help the recovery from bladder infections
  •      Support healthy weight loss when combined with exercising and healthy diet
  •      Help the prevention of chronic ailments and diseases
  •      Increase longevity
They taste delicious. They have healing powers. They are the leading super foods. Can you ask for more?
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