How a Man Cured Stage 4 Prostate Cancer With Baking Soda

Stage 4 prostate cancer is scary just by hearing it. I’ve never thought that I will see how a simple baking soda mixture is the cure for it.

This story is about a man, Vernon Johnston, who probably tried everything to deal with the disease and kill cancer.
It was already in his bones, and there was so little time to test everything out there. Luckily for him, the baking soda treatment came in time to kill his prostate cancer.

Here is his story about healing Stage 4 Prostate Cancer:

Vernon got a cancer diagnosis and started educating himself on how to treat it. The root for this cancer was living in a body with a lower pH value.
You know how everybody is talking about cancer dying in alkaline areas in the body. This news came to his ears, and it was a perfect time when a man, Larry, met Vernon and told him about cesium chloride raising the pH value and make the body an Alkaline area.

How a Man Cured Stage 4 Prostate Cancer With Baking Soda
Vernon started believing that this could be the only solution to his stage 4 prostate cancer.
He opened his laptop and started searching for her cesium. While his hopes were high, the postal office lost the order, and Vernon never got it.
When that chance was out of his reach, he started digging deeper. The baking soda came from somewhere as useful information.
He learned that the baking soda and maple syrup mixture could do the trick. Because he didn’t have maple syrup, he used molasses instead. He was skeptic about the solution, but he didn’t have any other choice at that very moment.
His diary, that I assume it will grow to a book, was his best friend. He kept all the notes and record every step of the treatment. He called it “Dance with Cancer.” It’s full of healthy diet habits, aid tips about alkalinity and usage of minerals, vitamins, and sun exposure.

According to experts:
“We feed cancer to thrive with sugary and unhealthy foods, so the cells get no oxygen, just sugar. But, this syrup or maple with the baking soda is working in a right way and kills cancer cells silently with a shock of oxygen. The molasses works the same way and even better. It made a mineral area base and alkalinity with the soda, and we advise you to research other such helpful advice.”

The Recipe:

Mix 2 tsp of baking soda and one tsp. Molasses or maple. Add 1 cup of water and finish the mixture. Drink this all day. Heat it to make it tastier.
Vernon was using this mixture and managed to deal with the stage 4 prostate cancer. There is no reason why it shouldn’t work on the others with the same problem.

What’s the most common thing you take for pain?

I already know the answer. I can feel it in the air.
I can’t read your mind, but I know it’s some new drug.
Let me guess, your doctor said it’s new and tested positive for that kind of pain.
Each time you have a meeting with your doctor, he has some new prescription drugs for you.
I don’t have anything against medicine. In fact, my mother is a doctor so I can say I grew up in a hospital.
Not literally, but you know how it is when you ask her “how was your day”.
Anyway, my mother was often telling me how new drug agencies come and try to promote their newly approved medicine.
They pay the doctors some fee and make them prescribe it.
I can’t say that new drug didn’t help, but it’s not different than the previous one.
My life builds upon staying away from drugs as much as possible.
Finding the proper natural remedy that works was my challenge.

This is an Amazing Anti-Inflammatory Beverage That Relieves Pain
I have tried several ones. Mixing helpful natural ingredients really helps.
And the best thing is that you can take them even when you are not sick.
They are full with great benefits for your body.
Pills will harm your system if you take them often.
Of course, I can’t tell if these natural remedies will help everyone.
But I can assure you that your health won’t be harmed if you try them.
What I have here is another recipe of a natural remedy.
It’s a healthy drink made from natural ingredients. What could possibly go wrong?
Let’s see what ingredients you need for this:
  •      1 tsp turmeric powder
  •      Fresh ginger (thumb size)
  •      5 Carrots
  •      2 Lemons
  •      1 Orange
  •      1 Cucumber

The preparation method is really easy:

  •      Wash all the ingredients well
  •      Blend everything together
  •      Add ice cubes for better feeling during the hot days

The health benefits are really mind-blowing.

This is an Amazing Anti-Inflammatory Beverage That Relieves Pain
People who are drinking this remedy say you will feel the benefits right away.
The pain will become history.
This drink relieves inflammation that’s caused by arthritis.
It’s full with curcumin. That’s an antioxidant that reduces joint pain and stiffness.
The free radicals are the main reason of many diseases. This drink prevents different types of cancers like:
  •      Prostate cancer
  •      Breast cancer
  •      Colon cancer
  •      Ovarian cancer
This so called Turmeric juice reduces bloating and even relieves gastritis.
On top of that it regulates the cholesterol levels in your blood.
It’s really great for your overall health.
Some of your friends complained about pain recently?
Share this with them. It could help!


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