How Castor Oil Helps Unclogging Your Lymphatic System?

Even though the care about your lymphatic system is somewhere hidden on the back of your mind, you need to know it’s crucial for your health.

What’s the Lymphatic System?

The system responsible for carrying the blood plasma (lymph) throughout your body. It supplies the cells and tissues with all the essential nutrients.
The Lymph has another feature responsible for maintaining good health.
It accumulates bacteria and toxins while circulating through your body. When they get full and the time comes to waste those toxins off your body, the lymph glands pass them to your liver and kidneys preparing them for eliminating.
However, things don’t always go as they supposed to.
How Castor Oil Helps Unclogging Your Lymphatic System?
Beyond the Bite

The Problem

Bad diet, obesity, arthritis, old age, cancer, or some medical treatments could interrupt the proper function of the lymph glands.
These issues could prevent the contaminated fluid from going out of your body.
The problem leads to lots of health problems like chronic fatigue, headaches, and digestive disorders.
I can go deeper into this issue, but I think you got the point and are eager to see whether there is a solution or not.

The Solution: Castor Oil

Health experts and Dr. Axe got deep into the problem finding that castor oil helps your body reinforce the lymphatic system by producing lymphocytes.
These are the cells that will speed up the process of draining toxins from our lymphatic system.
There are several ways to use castor oil. One is the random way of drinking it.
However, everyone who tasted it will tell you that its taste is pretty bad.
There is good news for all of you because there is another way how to improve your Lymphatic System.
You just need a cotton blanket, to cover your abdomen and organic castor oil.
The process is simple.
  • Pour the castor oil all over the blanket
  • Let it soak into the blanket
  • Then, place it across your bare abdomen
  • Let it rest on your stomach overnight
For those who will notice swollen lymph glands on their abdomen, don’t panic right away.
Check with your doctor and rule out any other cause. After that, you can continue to place castor oil directly on top of the swollen gland.
If this is too much for you, stick with the regular use of castor oil.
That’s how castor oil helps to unclog your lymphatic system.


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