How Clothespin on your Ear for 20 Seconds Improves Overall Health?

Excuse my language, but sometimes it feels like an orgasm. I know a few of my friends who are addicted to this feeling and one of them was even visiting a doctor to deal with it.
The doctor said that it’s okay to clear the wax of the ears, but there are other useful things in there that protect the ear canal that shouldn’t be removed.
With the constant circling movement, you are removing those useful things as well. It could lead to a bigger damage.
Now, let’s focus on the main topic here. The foremost reflexologist Helen Chin Lui has a technique how to improve overall health by using a clothespin.
“Each ear contains a complete reflex map of the body, rich with nerve endings and multiple connectors to the central nervous system.”
How Clothespin on your Ear for 20 Seconds Improves Overall Health?
She is talking about the unusual things people can do to boost their health, treat some simple issues, and experience overall relief. It’s a technique she developed by placing clothespins on certain areas on the ears.
It’s important for you to know that the ears have six spots related to different body organs and regions.
Let’s see what they are:

The Upper Part of Your Ear

This ear has a tight connection with your back and shoulders. If you put constant pressure on it for a minute every day, you are going to feel the tension relief in these areas.

The Top of Your Ear’s Curve

This precise pressure point links to the organs. In a case of discomfort or unexplained pain, place a clothespin here to treat it.

The Upper-Middle Part of the Ear

You are going to be able to soothe the pain and stiffness in joints by putting pressure on this point.

The Lower-Middle Part of Your Ear

Pinch this spot to relieve sinusitis and sore throat, treat congestion, and you will be able to fell asleep easily.

The Point Just Above the Earlobe

This pressure point links to the heart and head. If you experience a headache, put a clothespin on this spot, and the migraine will go away. Plus, it supports heart health.
If you can’t stand the pressure of the clothespin, you can try with this simple massage:
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