How to Detox your Pineal Gland Effectively?

Have you ever heard about the pineal gland?

It’s that little organ in your organism that sits in your brain. Sounds scary right? Whenever the brain is involved in something, the things are getting serious.
Stop. Don’t panic just yet. I’m here to help the cause and make sure you are going this thing correctly.
Detoxifying the pineal gland is crucial. At least that’s what the researchers tell us. The little fellow needs special attention as it’s linked to the mental and physical well-being.
The spiritual people even call it the third-eye.
How to Detox your Pineal Gland Effectively?
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How the Pineal Gland gets “Dirty”?

It’s the same as the other glands in your body. The toxins are doing the damage and could go up to your brain. The biggest enemy to this gland is the Sodium Fluoride. That’s bad because it’s found in most drinking waters around the world.
Other things that could damage the pineal gland are:
  • Tobacco
  • Refined Sugar
  • Mercury
  • Processed Foods
  • Caffeine
  • Dietary Hormones
  • Alcohol
Now that we know what causes it let’s see how we can detox it.

Vitamin K1 and K2

Absorbing these vitamins through food will help the detox process of your pineal gland. You can find the Vitamin K1 in the green leafy vegetables. The Vitamin K2 is present in certain foods like:
  • Chicken Livers
  • Goose Livers
  • Egg Yolks
  • Fish Oils
  • Fish Roe
When you combine this vitamin with vitamins A and D3, you’ll get a powerful detox agent. It will remove the calcium from your pineal gland and transfer it to your bones.
That’s where the calcium should be.


How to Detox your Pineal Gland Effectively?
Another of those detox agents that do well for your pineal gland. It removes the fluoride from your system and prevents calcification.
This agent is found in Organic Beets.


The malic acid in the raw apple cider vinegar detoxifies the pineal gland. Mix it with salads. You won’t be disappointed.


The garlic does a great job for boosting your metabolism. But, did you know that it can dissolve calcium, as well?
This feature makes the garlic an excellent pineal gland detoxifier.


It boosts the process of shedding sodium fluoride through urination. Green seaweed is rich in iodine. Be careful, though. It could lower the levels of calcium in your bones.


How to Detox your Pineal Gland Effectively?
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The tamarind does the same thing as iodine. It purifies your body from fluorine through urination.

Distilled Water

The purest water you can find. The pineal gland will wash away the toxins and unwanted calcium deposits. Please be careful. You need to add minerals to your diet while using this method.
There you have it.
That’s how you will detox your pineal gland using these seven natural methods.


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